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Love narrative has become most famous because of their influencing power. They bring about the aspects of symbolism, mimics, tone variation and contain many lessons that apply to our daily life. Romeo and Juliet essay is one of the most interesting love books that talks about romances. The play was set in some parts of Italy by William Shakespeare. The play revolves around love where two young lovers Romeo and Juliet are united by the death of their parents. Shakespeare wrote this play during his earlier years after thoroughly studying how the Italian people behave. The play has so many characters but Romeo is the main male antagonist while Juliet is the main female antagonist.

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Juliet is persuaded in the story to marry the son of Paris. She is persuaded by many people to fall into a relationship with the Paris man. Juliet is reluctant on the idea and she invites the man to a party. Romeo on the other hand is persuaded by his niece to fall in love to a lady called Rosaline. Romeo is also reluctant about his niece advice because he was not interested with Rosaline.

Romeo comes in time to the ball to meet Rosaline his lover but he falls in love with Juliet. Romeo later developed interest in Juliet and proposes to marry her which they did in a secret manner.

Macbeth essay is another of Shakespeare's best play. It's all about greedy leaders in the society who are after treachery, witches and forecasting. The main character is Macbeth who has been displayed as the most destructive character. He disrupts the peaceful condition of the nation and wants to control all the orders himself. There are so many foreshadowing that have been used in this play for instance the storm that occurred was used to prophecy effects that would occur because of Macbeth treachery.

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