Acid rain research will tell you about the possible harm of it

The rapid and burgeoning industrialization the throughout the world have improved the living standards and created more job opportunities.However this has also led to the rise of various types of pollution.One such is acid rain pollution.Acid rains are produced mainly in industrial areas where gases like sulfur dioxide,nitrogen dioxide are produced in abundance.These gases have the tendency to rise up in the atmosphere.There they combine with water,oxygen , hydrogen etc resulting in a dangerous acid mixture.When they come down to earth they are called acid rain.People were made aware of this pollution by several Acid Rain Research papers published by environmentalists and scientists.The acid rains are also produced through volcanic eruptions.It's effect on human health is also dangerous.It causes irritation in eyes, lung diseases, Skin burns to name a few.

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Acid rain essay will tell you about several biological processes that also produce necessary gases for. These processes occurs in wetlands and oceans etc.There are several industries which release sulfur and nitrogen dioxide gases like power plants,automobile industry etc.Also combustion of fuels produce these gases.They are converted to sulfuric and Nitric acid in air.Thus acid rains primarily consists of Nitric and sulfuric acids.Today acid rain has become one of the major sources of pollution.Not only it effects humans but also causes destruction of aquatic life.Several historical monuments are also at risk because of this.

Acid rain research is important because of it's adverse effects on the environment and human health several initiatives are taken by government to reduce the release of the gases which cause acid rain.Several Acid Rain Essay were also written to highlight it's effect.Now world over research is going on to find alternative energy sources,the one that can reduce the emission of harmful gases.Also catalytic converters are used in automobiles to reduce their emission.

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