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“Alcoholism”: research paper guidelines.

Alcoholism is an addiction that has a negative influence on physical, mental and social state of a person. It may begin with just social drinking and end up with extremely dangerous consequences when one cannot live a day without drinking. The causes of alcoholism are numerous and can be different for everyone: while one person can be resistant to a particular factor, the same feature may be damaging to another one. In case you need to complete a research paper on alcoholism you should focus your attention on certain facets, figure out causes, effects and methods to resolve the issue.

Definition of alcoholism.

  • Different researchers provide various definitions of alcoholism pointing out its physical, psychological and social aspects. However, if we sum up all the descriptions of this notion we may define it as a constant desire of consuming alcohol without ability of controlling it and not considering the social and physical norms of drinking.

Typical causes of alcoholism.

  • All causes of alcoholism have not been demarcated yet, however, we can outline the tendencies of this issue.
  • One of the actual reasons for becoming alcohol addicted is consuming such big amounts of alcohol so the chemical changes in organism occur, which leads to treating alcohol as inevitable part of daily life.
  • The way that alcohol is influencing our brain is following: once you consume a certain amount of it the centers that correspond for pleasure are triggered, which makes a person feel contented and drink more.
  • Starting with pleasure, alcohol abuse turns into harmful habit that is increased gradually.

Alcoholism symptoms and signs.

  • The first signs that one can be addicted to alcohol are drinking alone and in secret.
  • When a person is unable to control the amount of alcohol that he or she drinks it may also be considered as a warning about abuse.
  • In case the drinking person is forgetting the events that happened during or after consuming alcohol, which is called memory black outs, he or she should be signalized about possible alcoholism.
  • Drinking cause problems with family relationships. What is more, alcohol abuse can not just damage but even ruin families and couples.
  • Together with family issues, one can get problems at work. Inability to concentrate, solve problems and make decisions will definitely be harmful in any profession,
  • Drinking also is a source of problems with money as most earnings are typically spent for alcohol.

Methods of alcohol treatment.

  • Alcohol addiction is treated using a complex of different methods as it influences not only the physical state of a person but also his or her mental and social health.
  • The organism must be detoxicated. For this matter, one should get rid of any alcohol that body contains.
  • It is important to find out, which emotional problems make person drink. The new behavioral patterns in order to avoid those emotions or treat them differently should be developed.
  • There are certain medicines that are helpful for addiction control.
  • Alcohol anonymous programs are considered as the most successful for people that are experiencing problems because of alcohol abuse.
  • New skills for managing psychologically difficult states must be acquired.

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