An Essay Against Euthanasia: 9 Ideas for Arguments

Current discussions around euthanasia, mainly, reflect two polar positions: supporting and abandoning an assisted suicide. Both opinions, in general, have enough defense to have right for existing, which makes the dispute sharper and more complicated. We are presenting a list of arguments against the euthanasia.

Anti-euthanasia laws protect people.

It is said that euthanasia is a tool that is able to relieve people from suffering and pain, which cannot be avoided without the assisted suicide. However, euthanasia can be abusive and the laws against protect people from the doctors that are dishonest and do not care about saving human lives.

Euthanasia as a half-way to legal killing.

At the moment, in most countries euthanasia is either prohibited, or voluntary. The last means that it is up to the person’s will whether to continue life or not (which, in fact, makes it equal to suicide). We should beware of the times when euthanasia can become mandatory and people in certain cases will be just euthanized against their will for saving funds that could be used for treatment.

Euthanasia objects Hippocratic Oath.

The very first and main promise that is given in Hippocratic Oath is killing prohibition: by all the means a doctor has to save the patient’s life and health. Factually, euthanasia disapproves this statement as a doctor is given a right to offer a voluntary death to the patient.

Opposing a right to live.

What is more, the phenomena of euthanasia existing opposes the constitutional right to live. This right is natural and has to be given to all people without any exceptions.

Hospice movement and palliation care.

Hospice is a movement known for providing palliation care for those who have incurable illnesses. It gives people moral and material support when they have no hope for survival. However, this movement does not exist in countries that have euthanasia legalized, which makes it clear that typically the incurable patients are killed instead of taking care.

Euthanasia costs more.

Some experts state that euthanasia is a great money-saver as all the funds that could be spent on unsuccessful treatment are not wasted. Nevertheless, if we check the numbers we will see that euthanasia drugs, on average, cost even more than life-saving medicines.

Discrimination issue.

After fighting for equality for hundreds of years euthanasia becomes a tool, which can easily abuse different social classes. For example, the poor will be definitely offered an assisted suicide if they do not have enough money for treatment or life supplying and doctors are indifferent to saving their lives. As well, a discrimination on the grounds of race and gender is possible in different countries, which traditions do not consider all people as equal.

Religious view on euthanasia.

In all the religions a life is considered as a God’s gift, which is not given to everyone. Although we receive it we are not dominating it absolutely. Therefore, we cannot decide by ourselves when to finish life.

What is more, religions do not allow people to intend killing other people directly, as well as to cause someone’s death.

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