“Animal Abuse”: Persuasive Essay Hints

When you explain or discuss a particular issue it is exceptionally important to be aware of the terms’ meaning, which are utilized in your work, and treat the numerous theories, that touch your topic upon, critically. If your task is to complete a persuasive essay about animal abuse you should be ready for using and explaining such notions as:

  • Animal rights;
  • Animal ethics;
  • Utilitarianism;
  • Ethics of care and virtue;
  • Animal discrimination, abuse and neglect;
  • Speciesism;
  • Animal interests;
  • Sentient/ conscious animals.
  1. Animal rights.

Animal rights is a concept reflecting the idea that not-human beings must be treated equally to human beings as they possess own lives, interests and feelings.

Treating different species unevenly is considered as a prejudices position, which leads to discrimination and exploitation.

  1. Animal ethics.

In general, ethics is defined a set of particular moral rules that critically assess human behavior and determine the norms of it, which assure that nobody’s interests are violated.

If we deal with animal ethics, the point that animals have been always prejudiced should be considered. In most of communities, people judged animals as an inferior specie, that led to such consequences as animal abuse, using them for food, clothes, decorations, and hard labor.

  1. The theory of utilitarianism.

Generally speaking, utilitarianism is a theory that suggests increasing the overall amount of happiness and reducing the rate of suffering in a global scope. When it deals with the topic of animal rights protection, we should make an accent on the following points:

  • Utilitarianism suggests that non-human animals can be exploited only if no or minimum harm is caused, which, in comparison to happiness received, is at the lower rates.
  • However, it is quite hard to measure the level of happiness in nonhuman animals' activities, which is why the theory recommends refusing of using animal products, food, fur etc. as they bring only very short pleasures to humans, which can be factually substituted, and do not increase the general happiness rate.
  • One of the most effective arguments of utilitarianism representatives is that getting any animal product or exploiting them for labor is accompanied by suffering and cruelty.
  1. Ethics of care and virtue.
  • The ethics of virtue suggest the idea of constant world improvement so it provides better conditions for our living and becomes a better place for its own sake, as well.
  • In the context of virtue ethics we should note that our (human) position is advantageous, which is why it is our duty not only to not to harm and not to exploit animals, but, what is more, to make their existing easier and lives happier.
  • Care ethics presupposes that a human as a care agent is to deal with those, who are suffering, and try to lessen their pain and distress.
  1. Sentience and consciousness.
  • One of the most basic terms, which you should consider, when building argument against animal abuse or for animal rights protection is “sentience”.
  • Sentience means an ability to be treated in a positive or negative ways, which is very characteristic for human and animal interaction.

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