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Although animal experimentation is an issue, which is known from 500 BC, a vivid discussions around it started relatively not long ago. To be clear, we need to explain, which actions animal experimenting takes along. First of all, new medical treatments are tested on animals: basically, most of developments in this field began from animal experimenting. Secondly, people check products safety on animals in order to make sure that they are not dangerous for human utilization. The objectivity of animal testing is still disputable: here you can find the ideas for your essay if you support pro or cons side.

Proponent side of animal testing.

  • The supporters of animal experimentation claim that it would be almost impossible to develop the basic lifesaving medicines without testing them on animals. In case they are not tested the effects cannot be predicted. What is more, experimenting on people is unhuman as it can endanger their lives and health leading to different mutations in organism.
  • The tests on animals for medical treatment developments can help to save as humans so animals lives on future.
  • It is considered that no alternative or better methods to test the researches exist, which is why scientists are forced to conduct experiments on animals.
  • It is true that regulations of animal experimenting are very few, which is why researchers holding experiments on animals do not violate any of their rights or any of the laws existing.

Opponent side of animal experimentation.

  • Despite all the positive points and developments, which can be made due to animal testing, killing animals, and causing their suffering and health problems remains cruel.
  • It is not true that no alternative for animal testing can be found. Modern developments in cell testing can fully replace the experiment on animals and reduce their sufferings, caused by humans. Also, the innovative computer models have been created, which can be used specifically for medical treatment and products testing.
  • One more reason for denying animal experimenting is that although animals have some basic similarities with human organisms, in fact, they have much more distinctions in cellular, metabolic and anatomic systems. Such divergence make them inappropriate model for testing the products for humans as the effects on human health cannot be predicted, for sure, anyway.

Historical view:

First animal experiments are known from Ancient Greece: they were held by physicians for checking the effectiveness of certain cures. Although this practice was quite popular different positions about animal testing in ancient times existed as well. For example, Aristotle considered animals as creatures that are missing intelligence in comparison to humans, which is why the same rules of justice cannot be applied to them. On the contrary, the Ancient Greek philosopher Theophrastus claimed that as well as human, animals are able to feel pain and suffer. Hurting animals was considered as offence to gods, according to Theophrastus’s views.

Modern view

The most popular position representing opposing to animal testing side is a theory, developed by Peter Singer, which is called “speciesism”. It proves that animal abuse is equal to such issues as racism and sexism (discriminations against various species) and should be regulated by law and moral restrictions.

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