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“Animal Experimentation”: Essay writing hints

In case you have to write an essay on animal experimentation you should be aware of certain ethical points that deal with animal rights and discussions around animal testing. One of the most appropriate types for this essay is an argumentative one but also you can consider such kinds as definition, comparative, expository and cause and effect essays. Here are some ideas for argumentative paper about animal experimentation.


Writing tip: provide the general information or background of the issue discussed in the introductory part. Also, you can include your motivations for writing as it will let the reader understand why the issue matters. 

Experimentation on animals is a quite difficult issue as it is presented by two polar positions. From one side, animal experimenting can be accepted if animal’s pain and discomfort are minimized. In the other hand, animal testing and experimenting should not be allowed if we consider animal rights.

Thesis statement.

Writing tip: thesis statement is your central idea, the position that you are going to explicate and discuss in your paper. Try to write it clearly, it must flow logically from the information you have explicated in the introduction.

Taking into account that modern society tends to recognize animals as the species that have similar rights to humans but just differ by their abilities, we can state that animal experiments must be minimized or prohibited.

Body paragraph 1.

Writing tip: the body of your essay should present the arguments that build up your position stated in thesis. Main argument is usually expressed in the first sentence of the paragraph, which is called “topical sentence”.

Animal testing is wrong ethically as it results in animals’ suffering and can cause the moral deviations in human minds. Since animals, alike humans, have their own feelings: fear, pleasure, pain, or motherly love we should recognize them as equal to us. The fact that animals are not able to defend themselves properly does not allow people to make them suffer in the sake of their own interests. Very often benefits cannot be proved and animal’s lives and health are spent in vain.

Body paragraph 2.

Writing tip: The second paragraph of the main body in the essay should be linked to the previous one with the help of transitional sentence, which is usually located at the very end of previous paragraph. You can develop another aspect, or use a different facet and explain them in the second body paragraph.

Due to high technological developments and rapid progress, people are able to develop alternative methods that can substitute animal testing and experimenting. First of all, we should consider reducing the number of animal involved into experiments and improve the techniques used. Secondly, animals must be provided with better conditions for living. Nevertheless, the best way to solve the issue is using computer technologies and cell cultures for experimenting and testing.


Writing tip: summarize your arguments and restate the thesis in the concluding paragraph. Also, you can show new perspective or innovative facets that can be developed in future researches.

Despite numerous benefits of animal experimenting, people should not be allowed to make tests on animals considering their feelings, suffering and rights.

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