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Propaganda in animal farm is a big issue in our everyday life at the moment

For instance, when asked to write an analysis of George Orwell's work, some students may either not see or misinterpret the propaganda in Animal Farm. A certain example would be the lying of Napoleon and the pigs to the other animals. Ignorant or less-informed kids may think of it as something normal or perhaps as something good because those spreading propaganda in Animal Farm gained power. Academic writers can point out otherwise.

Also, through the right company, certain Animal Farm quotes can be explained well. Take this as an example: "Four legs good, two legs bad." To the average man, this may be nonsensical, but academic writers will know that this means that through the Animal Farm quotes, an idea of animals being more pure than humans is introduced.

There are a lot more quotes and symbolisms in Animal Farm. There are a lot more books that have quotes and symbolisms.

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