“Animal Rights”: Persuasive Essay Tips.

The issue of animal rights is a sharp one and it touches upon such areas as ethics, morals and sociology. In fact, opinions about the animal rights vary but usually people take side of defending animals. If you have to write a persuasive essay on this topic your task is not only to explicate your arguments but also to use persuading techniques in order to make the reader support your position. Our article will present some persuasive tools and ideas for your paper about animal rights.

Persuasive tools you can use.

  • Asking rhetorical questions: this will make your writing more dynamic and engage the reader into it.
  • Supporting arguments with statistics and facts. Figures and real life examples usually have strong impact on the audience.
  • Making groups and lists. This is the way of explicating the material, which lets the reader remember and understand it better.
  • Appealing to emotions. Think of stories and examples that will evoke certain feelings such as appreciation, pleasure, fear or sadness.
  • Repeating. Make an accent and repeat the patterns, which are the most important and you would like to concentrate the reader’s attention on.

Introduce the question or issue.

Here you can indicate some background information and reasons why the topic and your essay matter.

Animals as species that live, feel and co-exist with people have their own interests and are self-sufficient. Those are the adequate reasons for claiming that animals have their rights.

Thesis statement. 

Thesis typically accumulates your views on the issue in one or two sentences. Be precise and concise in this part.

Animal rights should not be just recognized but considered.

Argument #1.

Arguments are the components of the paper, which develop and expand your thesis. In fact, they are also the reasons why you are thinking of the issue in a particular way.

Considering animal rights results in human responsibility for their co-existing and communication with animals. This means prohibition using animals in food, hunting or wear clothes made of animals (silk, leather, or furs). This also means considering that all animals are equal and ones cannot be help as pets while others killed for eating.

Argument #2.

Experimenting on animals is not acceptable. In order to see certain reactions on some products people make experiments on the animals due to similarity of their reacting to human ones. However, the fact that animal do suffer same as people if the experiment is not successful is not taken into account.

Argument #3

Due to progress and high technological developments we are able to find the ways to reduce exploiting animals for hard labor. What is more, currently they can even be substituted in the experiments and the experimental techniques may be changed to more loyal ones. Animals can be replaced by people who volunteer, computer models and cell cultures.


In the concluding part you are to restate the thesis, summarize your arguments, possibly, suggest ways to solve the issue and perspectives.

Considering animal rights is not as easy as it seems to be as it has to be proved by actions. We have enough reasons for recognizing animals as equal ones and this is why we must change our attitudes and get rid of the habits that exploit animals.

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