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Observational learning acts as the most effective ways in which human being learn behaviors. Children in the modern society are exposed to a lot of violence especially in the media or in their families. Video games have become popular among many children as a result of rapid development of Internet technology experienced in all parts of the world. The big question that remains answered is do violent video games cause behavior problems? There are some people who believe that behaviors problems are inherited or learned in other means, but not the violent video games many people especially children play.

Do violent video games cause behavior problems? You should decide on this issue

Violent video games are among the cause and effect examples used to demonstrate that behavior problems can arise through observation. Children who are used to playing the violent video games tend to copy the behaviors they watch on the videos. If it is fights, they experiment using the fighting tactics they watch while playing with other children. Frequent application of the fighting tactics watched in the videos makes the children develop such behaviors even in normal life whereby they demonstrate violent behaviors.

The violent video games are also applied as cause and effect examples in behavior development when it comes to behaviors such as drug abuse, violent driving of vehicles and others. The video games are filled with people who take energy enhancing drugs in order to be able to fight or do other activities in superhuman ways. People who may not have the ability to distinguish acting and reality may end up taking the drugs to try to behave in the same ways. This mostly happens to children who may not be guided by adults when playing the games. Most of the people who behave badly are also treated by others as heroes which further encourage children want to behave in the same way. Therefore, by looking at the scenarios presented above, it is easier now to answer the question do violent video games cause behavior problems more effectively.

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