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When you ask students to write some satire they always get uncomfortable because they find it very difficult to explain an awful condition with lot of humor. Indeed it is very difficult to write satire for those students who never study examples of satire because if someone studies some satire examples with keen observation he can write it easily.

If we talk about lesson from examples of satire all satire examples teach few basic and simple lessons. One of the most important lesson is you need to see the world with a completely new angle, if you can see the world with a new hilarious angle you can surely create lot of humor in your satire.

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It is also important that along with gigs or laugh your satire should have lot of feeling and sarcasm also in it so reader can smile and think about the topic of your satire article at same time. The third important lesson that these examples teach is you need to have a keen eye on all current scenario and condition as well as awful, hilarious, stupid or childish mistakes of celebrity and other public news on which you can write satire.

The fourth and very important lesson that you can learn from a good example of satire is if you are talking about an object or subject that is less known to world or your reader you explain about this object or subject to world in one or two line so readers can connect with your article and you satire can make a good effect on them.

So in short we can say if you know basic element of satire writing it is not difficult at all to write satire. So if next time you get a satire writing assignment just keep these 4 points in your mind and you will be able to write a great satire article without any problem.

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