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Aphrodisiac: What Is This?

Our modern life was recently fulfilled with one more interesting feature that is called aphrodisiac or pheromones. What is it?

It is neither a perfume as some may suppose, nor essence or eau de perfume. It has several meaning:

First one is an element that increases sexual instincts

Second meaning is the perfume itself. Well, this meaning is more a misunderstanding. Some perfume brands use them in flavor composition and call their production as pheromone consisting perfume. That’s why we may confuse the meanings.

Pheromone although is a kind of stimulator or accelerant. Today it is called the components of organic origin or essential oils.

Popular Aphrodisiacs

To become more attractive to opposite sex even famous empress Cleopatra used aphrodisiacs. She hasn’t been so beautiful and fabulous, but was pretty attractive, so men went crazy about her. That all was caused by pheromones. So, here is the list of popular aphrodisiacs.

  1. Cinnamon

    It is a nice and rich spicy that may arouse the sexual desire in any man. The sweet and tasty flavor will infatuate man’s head. Cinnamon aroma relaxes, makes people feel safe and comfortable as well as evokes sensuality and fantasy. You can buy cinnamon in any shop and put it into a plate or cup in your bedroom. Pleasant essence helps to feel free.

    A Tea with Cinnamon

  2. Patchouli

    It is a symbol of beauty and fashion, but it is also considered as a man’s fragrance helping to enlarge energy, gain manliness and become more sensual and attentive to any petting. There exists even a belief about patchouli. If you blur your purse with some drops of oil, you’ll attract money.

  3. Ginger

    It is used as a stimulator for everlasting enjoy. It helps to revitalize and regenerate energy and powers quickly. It was known earlier in fifth century A.D. Its amazing features helped to increase libido and sexual nature, influence the relationships between men and women. In India woman add ginger into dinner for her beloved man to stimulate him later in a bedroom.

  4. Ylang-ylang

    It is a wonderful aphrodisiac aimed to intensify the man’s activity, make a person tender and gentle like a kitten. Usually it is used as oil for erotic massage that reduces tension and relaxes. For example, there is a custom in Indonesia to cover a bed of just-married couple with ylang-ylang blossom. It will provoke love and sensuality.

  5. Jasmine

    The aroma of a tender flower calls pleasant memories and affects as desire to discover your partner. It makes person more confident and sure in his strengths, raises the mood. Jasmine helps to get rid of shy and chilliness of emotions.


  6. Vanilla

    I think it is really a special flavor and almost each confectionary or delicious sweets consist of vanilla. Not only children enjoy its smell, but also adults may use it in their own way. Vanilla ferments influence the mind and calls some erotic fantasies. But you should be very careful with its concentration. Vanilla belongs to the orchid family. Its main feature is poisoning as safety reaction. Thus you may get to the hospital with intoxication if you exaggerate with amount of using it.

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