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Argumentative Essay School Uniforms,persuasive essay on school uniforms

In the modern days, there are certain issues that take the students focus off the education making it difficult for them to learn. One of the issues is school uniforms. I hereby write an argumentative essay school uniforms,persuasive essay on school uniforms to show why all schools should ensure that students wear school uniforms. This is important to eliminate the social classes that exist among students. School uniforms ensure there is equality among the students because they all look the same with the uniforms. Failure to have school uniforms would promote inequality among the students because there are those that would come with expensive and other cheap clothes depending on their families' economic status. Students from low class families would develop inferiority complex towards those from rich families leading to poor performance in school. To eliminate this problem it is important for students to have school uniforms.

argumentative essay school uniforms is a dispute question of necessity


School uniforms are necessary because they help distinguish students from other people. This distinction is crucial especially when it comes to disciplinary matters. If students are allowed to wear home clothes at school, this would lead to increased indiscipline rates because the students can even sneak out of school and fail to be recognized out there. However, with school uniform it would be difficult for students to sneak out of school and fail to be recognized. Therefore, school uniforms promote discipline among students.

There is creation of togetherness among students who look the same because of the uniforms they wear. That togetherness leads to respect among the students themselves leading to a learning environment where all students can excel academically. School uniforms also helps differentiate students from their teachers leading to mutual respect among teachers and the students.

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