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Short story writing can be placed in a unique niche that focuses on creating stories that are brief yet catchy. These stories revolve around a single conflict and have an abrupt revelation such that they conserve scenes and characters. If you want to be a dignified short story writer, you should understand that even though different writing genres have much in common, they also differ significantly. In the case of short stories, there are some crucial tips that you need to master in order to effectively fit everything in a minimalist word count bracket.

Barn Burning is a great example of a short story which can direct you on what you need to make your words worth reading. The best tip you can draw from the prequel is that many characters are absolutely unnecessary when word count is limited. Barn burning characters are less than seven and are well portrayed in the story. You need therefore to select only the characters that are essential in your story so that you do not compromise on characterization.

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Other than barn burning characters, you can gain much insight by reviewing the barn burning summary. One thing you need to borrow from this story is its direct approach which has done away with all guff and puts emphasis on precise descriptive words that do away with wordiness. More so, by carefully reading the barn burning summary, you will understand that your words should not be exhausted on building the story. Your writing should have a normal start sentence that's followed by a steady plot and a conclusion.

As much as you may want to keep these tips in mind, you should also not be so strict on the word count because it will devastate your story. Make an open draft which you can edit once you have your full story ready. This way you will realize your full writing potential and enjoy positive appreciation for your work.

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