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A Few General Remarks on Advertisements

What Is Advertisement?

Actually, we all cannot help knowing what is advertisement, so there is probably no need to cite a smart dictionary definition of this word here. However, despite the fact that we all can explain what the notion of advertisement implies and identify it among other types of texts (let’s assume that an advertisement is a particular text which can be either written or spoken), not always do we realize its essence and the specific purpose of crafting such text.

There are a lot of different opinions about advantages and disadvantages of advertising in general. Nowadays you can find a great deal of information about the history of this phenomenon, idea, piece of writing (call it as you like), as well as about its role in and impact on our society. By the way, the latter issues have drawn great attention of not only marketing managers and specialists from other related spheres of activity, but also of many scientists all over our modern world. Mostly, the reasons why and the ways how advertising can influence different people’s mind and mood are studied by sociologists and psychologists. However, the knowledge of such mechanisms also appears to be necessary in economics and politics.

Nevertheless, the main aim of any advertisement is to attract not only scientists but also other people who could purchase advertised products or apply to advertised services. Hence, consumers, as buyers or customers are called, help this very advertisement to carry out its second essential function – selling. Successful selling, in its turn, guarantees salespeople good income.

How is Advertising Connected with Writing?

We have already made out that each advertisement is a text in its essence. Consequently, the way this text is written plays quite an important part in all advertising campaign. This means that a lot of aspects of high-quality writing should be taken into consideration when creating an influential but really neat ad. That is why they all should be clearly defined before starting the work on it.

Below we are going to provide the list of the most significant features of advertisement texts and describe each of them briefly, so that you could understand the specific nature of advertising better.

So, What Is So Special About Texts of Ads?

Let’s have a quick look at all these qualities before we go further. They will throw out to you the idea about how to select the most suitable style of writing and stick to it in the most effective way, as well as how to organize the info you need to present.

  • Orientation towards the audience (that is towards potential buyers or customers): depending on what you are going to advertise, you cannot but take into account the recipients’ age, gender, profession, level of income and many other significant factors that can determine whether your audience will accept your advertisement or not.
  • Simplicity: your text should be simple, clear and rather concise; these qualities will make it much easier to understand and therefore to remember. As a result, the reader, who is your customer as well, is very likely to pay more attention to it. Every now and then the particular combination of words, which is very easy to memorize, will come to his or her mind motivating them to go and buy the advertised thing. However, it is important not to go too primitive. In this case, you risk sounding senseless.
  • Drive to action: the just mentioned simplicity only isn’t enough to prove to the consumer that what you offer him or her is really worth spending time and money. That is why there should also be some special word combinations which would successfully veil the slightly importunate call for the customer to purchase this or that product.

Why You Need to Know How to Write Ads

Now as you have read the recommendations above, writing an advertisement might seem to you quite challenging. “Why on earth do I need to know it all if I’m never going to work in this particular sphere?” you may ask. Well, treat such assignment as a test of your ability to present the information in a brief and captivating way, whatever this information may be.

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