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First task amateur writer meets with is deciding about what the story will be. It is the most important step in creating a book. Of course, the theme has to be interesting for an author; however, the audience’s tastes should also be taken into consideration. That may be an issue for college students as well because many young people are amazed by the writer’s profession and try to make the first book at an early age. In the article, there are several helpful pieces of advice and ideas for the first writing experience.

Fantasy World

This is for one with good imagination and fantasy. If you’ve always dreamed to live in the unrealistic world with faeries and elves, you can try to put your cloud-castles on the paper. Don’t try to follow famous novels or copy them. The audience will not buy such book. There are no limits in fantastic novels, even the craziest thoughts and ideas may be realized here.

Ordinary People

Many profitable and famous novels were written not about fairytale characters but the life of an ordinary person. It depends on how you present the story. Keep watch over average citizen’s behavior, habits, issues and so on. It may be interesting to put him or her in unusual circumstances and develop the character’s personality. Many moral statements can be taught this way.

Biographical Story

It is not necessarily to be your own life story, you may choose from the variety of people you admire and respect. Of course, it is better to write about one who had many amusing and dynamical events in his life or did something significant for the humanity, invented a new device or was a volunteer during the war, for example. Such kind of books may be very profitable as well; biographies of many famous people are sold out in the bookshops.

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Childhood Memories

It a is great idea to write a book from the kid’s point of view, that may look naively or funny. However, the most important verities can be delivered to the reader that way. It is possible to describe events which impressed you while being a child. Pay attention to the emotions and feelings as they play a great role in such kind of books.

Adventurous Expeditions

You can use real facts or imagination only. Anyway, this is a sapid and impressive topic for writing. There may be dramatic features, love story, competition, the issue of justice and honesty as the field for fantasizing is incredibly large. In such stories the plot usually develops around travelling expeditions and adventures which people meet during it.

All in all, these ideas are only examples, you can develop and improve it for own needs. Just write about things which inspire you. Don’t give up in a case of failure as every famous writer meets them during the career. Stay confident and honest to the reader and yourself. Of course, first writing experience may be unpleasant, and many people can’t finish their novels. However, we wish you better luck next time, as with training and practicing skill comes.

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