Compare essay: topics and writing strategies.

Compare essays are indeed one of the most frequently assigned writing projects at high schools, colleges and university. Usually you will get such a task In order to write a comparison essay well, first of all, you need to understand what and how to compare. For this matter we have prepared a brief writing guide for you, which consists of two parts: writing strategy for comparison essay and selecting a good topic.

Part One: Writing strategy for comparison essay.

  • Typically comparative essay requires comparing and contrasting two subjects. However, sometimes you may be asked to compare more items.
  • The items for comparison can be various: materials, concepts, theories, texts, poems, novels, people, events and so on. In some cases the topic may be not specified so you will need to find appropriate subjects by yourself.
  • Check if you have basis and criteria for comparing your items. The point here is that they should have similar and distinctive points in order for you to develop thesis and arguments. Consider that if your subjects are too similar there will be not enough reasons for their comparison. On the other hand, contrasting absolutely different things can make no sense as well.
  • Before you start writing we recommend you to make a list with differences and similarities. For better understanding you can write them in columns, make a table or graph.
  • The thesis statement, which you develop basing on your comparative analysis, should explain the weight of differences and similarities of your subjects.

Part Two: Selecting a good topic for the compare essay.

  • As we have mentioned, comparative can be written on various topics. Here we will provide you with some examples of topics for a good comparison.

Comparing historical periods or epochs.

  • This is a theme that is really beneficial for writing an essay as it offers various angles. So you can choose for writing those ones, which you feel comfortable to write about.
  • You should pay attention to such points as chronological frames of the period, main historical events that occurred within this time and their influence on social, cultural and economic factors.
  • Mention the prominent people of each epoch; they can be compared as well as their contribution.

Comparing religions.

  • If you decide to write about different religions you should consider that here are different grounds for comparison too. You may select contrasting Judaism and Christianity, or Islam and Buddhism, which are the biggest religious branches.
  • Also, you can pay attention to various wings of Christianity, Islam etc. Be sure to find enough points to contrast in them as well.
  • Here you can indicate the following points: time and history of emergence, places where the religion is the most popular, main principles and attitudes to different concepts, notions of love, sin, life, eternity, major sources and so on.

Comparing education.

  • If you feel like this topic is for you – concentrate your attention on such aspects of it: private and public education, studying nowadays and in previous ages (you can select a concrete period), education in class and studying online, high school and university education.

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