Comparison essay: topics ideas

If you are to write a compare and contrast essay there are two steps, which should be done first of all:

  1. Learn what you are expected to write in this type of assignment;
  2. Choose a beneficial topic for comparison.

Basically, these are the stages which we can help you with. Find how to write a comparison essay and bright ideas for your topics in our article.

How to write a comparison essay?

  • Comparison essay can also be called a “compare and contrast essay”, “comparing paper” and it has a contrasting principle as a basic one.
  • Comparing and contrasting are the processes that require identifying and discussing similarities and differences in two subjects. As a matter of fact, you can compare more than two things but for academic purposes usually you will be asked to write about two subjects.
  • One of the main requirements for comparison is that your subjects refer to one category. Generally, it is possible to contrast President Abraham Lincoln and a hero of a Daniel Defoe’s novel Robinson Crusoe but it does not make much sense.
  • Assure that you have a proper ground for comparing. You should make a point (develop a thesis) basing on the comparison that you provide.
  • There are two major models for writing the comparison paper: contrasting point by point and subject to subject.
  • Regardless of which model for comparing you are going to choose you must include an introduction and a conclusion into your paper.

Ideas for comparison essay topic.

Here we will provide you with some general ideas for choosing the topic for your comparison essay.

  • You can compare and contrast important, influential and successful personalities.
  • In this case you should pay attention to the time when they lived or live and worked or work.
  • Consider the place where these people were born, brought up and lived.
  • Did they make a contribution that was significant for the whole world or just for a certain country?
  • What kind of achievements did they have?
  • Why are these people important and what is the reason that we know them now for?

Comparing book or film characters and their prototypes.

  • It is a well-known fact that most of the famous books heroes had their prototypes – real people, which were used by the author as a model.
  • In most cases writers or film makers do not just accept the prototypical person entirely into their novel or film but borrow some features, events that occurred to this man or woman.
  • If a person of a prototype is known and you are able to find enough information about him or her we recommend you to conduct a small research on this topic and write a comparison paper.

Comparing a book and a movie.

  • Throughout the history of movie history we can notice a tendency of using books, novels, stories and novellas as a basis for film.
  •  However, the movie creators commonly do not copy it completely into the film’s script but cut off or add some parts and characters.
  • If you decide to contrast a book and a film pay attention to the accents made by the authors of both and characters’ interpretation.

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