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Writing can be a daunting task. The comparison essay is one of the most popular types of essay which teachers ask for. Choosing comparison essay topics ideas can almost be as difficult as writing the essay itself. The writer must be sure that the topic represents a true comparison of two or more things or ideas. Using topics which have no relationship can result in a paper which is confusing or hard to read.

There are many great comparison essay topics ideas which a writer can consider. One of the most popular methods is called a comparison/contrast paper. In this type of writing, the writer can show how two items or thoughts are like or unlike each other. The most important thing to consider when choosing appropriate contrast and comparison writing topics is to choose items which have some sort of relationship to each other. For example, writing a comparison essay between car tires and teddy bears may not work since both topics are unrelated. However, if the writer chooses teddy bears and stuffed rabbits they will have a better chance of writing a successful essay.

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Another type of comparison writing topics which a writer can consider is called the review. In this essay, a writer gives their opinion about the best of two or more items. The writer must be able to provide good supporting information to support their opinion in this essay. A writer cannot say, "I like that movie best," without providing reasons. Instead, a writer needs to explain why that movie was better than other movies they have seen. Any argument that is well supported helps the comparison/review paper read more easily can be highly effective in helping others see your point.

A little thought and planning can help a writer successfully choose a topic for a comparison essay.

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