“Conflict resolution”: essay writing hints and guidelines

Researches on conflict resolution represent the current trend in sociology and social psychology. Therefore, if you get a task to write an essay on this topic do not hesitate that you will be able to find a number of substantial modern studies of this question. Typically, you will be expected to develop or explicate the most effective methods for resolving conflicts. Here are some points to consider when working on the conflict resolution essay.

Tips on writing.

  • First of all, check your assignment in order to be aware of what the instructor is expecting from you. There must be certain specifications, which are mandatory to follow in order to get top results.
  • Select the facet which is appropriate for your research. Usually, it is either sociological, or psychological for the topic about conflict resolution; also, you can combine both approaches if your research purpose requires it.
  • The methods, which you suggest for conflict resolution essay, will depend on which class of conflicts you are writing about. For sure, ways for managing personal, social, political and international conflicts are different.

Chief skills for handling conflicts.

  1. Conflict is a serious stress-maker. Therefore, if you have conflict in the list of things to handle be sure about adding stress to it. In order to relieve stress you may use your special methods, which are effective for you, personally. Typically, it is recommended to get appeal for your feelings.
  2. One more valuable rule of conflict management is recognizing feelings and understanding yourself. Once you feel discomfort you should clarify the issue in order to get rid of it. Sedating negative emotions for a long time will only worsen the situation.
  3. Conflict is usually much about expressing emotions. Typically, the emotions are negative, such as anger, sadness, irritation; they may be expressed verbally and non-verbally. The key to managing and understanding someone’s emotions is correct interpretation of verbal and non-verbal signs. Remember that words can have different meaning or carry various connotations for different people. Also, there are certain moves and mimics which dispose people either to find solutions or to act hostile.
  4. Be positive. Humor and taking things easy will, definitely, help you to resolve and, what is more, to prevent conflicts as well as small quarrels. Humor is the right tool for lessening tension and irritation.

Main rules of conflict prevention and management.

  • In order to resolve the conflict successfully you should set your aims correctly. Remember that it is better not to win in an argument but save the relationships. Respecting distinctions and one’s feelings will be helpful in this matter.
  • Forget old offences during current conflicts. Usually vengeance may take place during conflict situation – make sure that you are not paying for old hurts.
  • Forgiving is what one should be ready to do in conflict. We all make mistakes and they can be fixed only when both parts are able to forgive each other.
  • Do not get overwhelmed with emotions as other aspects of your life may suffer. Deal with the conflict in the way, which will let you handle all other affairs.

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