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Critical essay topics are known to cause headaches for many students. So this begs the question, what exactly is a critical essay?

A critical essay is one that is meant to evaluate a theory or concept in a given academic field. Many at times, students mistakenly think that critical essays require them to look at the negatives or failures of the theory or concept only. It is totally acceptable to have a critical essay in support of a concept or a theory. The student only needs to give relevant information to support why he or she agrees with the theory or concept. A student is expected to choose either to support the theory or refute it when handling critical essay topics.

One should expect to find the pros and cons of a concept or theory in a critical essay. It goes without saying that if the student chooses to support the topic, the pros will be expected to be more than the cons and vice versa. It also goes without saying that a student in support of a theory or concept is not expected to challenge it anywhere within the essay. He or she is not expected to question it.

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In the event that one is writing essay for student on such a topic, it is important to get the student's thoughts on the topic. This would ensure that the student can defend his or her paper should the need arise. Writing essay for student in support of a theory or concept which he or she is opposed to will give him or her a hard time when defending the essay before other people. The critical essay should be in line with the student's sentiments about the topic.

It is hoped that this information will be found useful by anyone looking to write a critical essay.

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