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Writing is an integral part of a student's education today and very often it is also the primary or contributory method used to grade and assess a student's progress and understanding of the subject being studied.

This can be problematic for people studying that are not comfortable or lack the skills to write an essay or dissertation to their school's or college's required standard. Students may also be graded down if they are unable to write a good quality essay.

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There are however a number of solutions that a student can turn to in order to get the help they need, there are numerous reputable websites on subjects such as how to write an essay for dummies as well as the very popular dummy book series publication, essays for dummies.

These publications and websites offer the academic assistance in writing that a student needs to actually help them improve their essay writing. They provide comprehensive guidance and include everything from how to organize your research, how to initially structure and organize the essay, the importance of the summary as well as cover details such as the writing style required for schools as opposed to that needed for undergraduate and post graduate levels.

With the ongoing popularity of the essay based assessment, with many academic boards deciding that it is a fairer method to assess the progress and performance of a student rather than having everything based on the high pressure environment of an exam, making sure students can write their best possible essay has become even more important. It is logical for people studying to consult publications such as how to write an essay for dummies or essays for dummies in order for them to maximize their grades across their whole academic range.

Writing a high quality essay is a skill that needs to be learnt and using an academic assistance for writing program can make sure that students of all ages master that skill.

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