Critical analysis: topics and writing tips

Critical analysis essay requires particular cognitive skills from the student, such as summarizing, evaluating, and analyzing. Basically, these abilities are useful for all types of writing, which is why you should pay special attention to this assignment. The secret of a successful critical essay lies in following two steps: learning the writing strategy of critical analysis and finding a good topic. Our article will provide you with helpful tips on these questions.

Step 1. Learn how to write a critical analysis paper.

  • If your task is to write a critical essay typically you are expected to review and examine a particular item, such as a theory, argument, event, book, article, play or a movie.
  • Firstly, you will need to summarize the subject you are writing about. For this matter you have to read, listen or watch it and tell the reader about the main points mentioned. The readers should have a clear understanding of your writing subject.
  • After you have told what your subject is about you should examine it and provide the audience with your evaluation. In fact, you should determine positive and negative sides supporting your position with arguments and examples.
  • Make sure that your opinion is unbiased and objective. This is required although critical analysis involves explicating personal position on the issue.

Step 2. Selecting a topic for critical analysis.

  • Here we will provide you with some topics that are beneficial for critical writing. A small tip for choosing a theme – make sure that it is controversial and you are able to make a point about it.
  • You can write about the problem of homeless animals. Evaluate the problem – explain how sharp and actual it is in your town, city or country. Explicate the existing solutions to it and criticize or praise one of them.
  • National and cultural assimilation. This is the topic widely discussed nowadays. Define the issue and its state in your home country or the land you would like to write about. Explain if you support assimilation or you are against it and provide your reasons. Make sure that the reasons are objective and are not influences your political views or religious beliefs.
  • The issue of gender. This theme remains controversial till today. You can review a concept of gender roles and describe its functioning in past and nowadays. State your opinion on this issue: you can agree or disagree that some roles are fixed with a particular gender. For example, taking care of children, housework, professions and so on. Make a claim if gender roles are or should be modified.
  • Critical evaluation of a text or movie. This kind of critical writing is really popular and, in fact, is easy to write. First of all, you will need to summarize a plot of the story, novella, novel or a movie. Secondly, find the parts that deserve special attention and tell what is crucial in them. Also, you can concentrate your attention on the characters: are they stable or does the author manage to explicate their development? Do not forget to inform about the setting of the piece you are discussing. Make sure that your arguments are reasoned and supported by examples and facts.

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