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Culture essay: topics and brief writing guide

Culture is a quite universal term, which unites numerous aspects in its meaning. Writing an essay you can deal with such points as cultural literacy, culture shock, cultural diversity, assimilation, bilingualism, multicultural communities, pluralism, and anthropology. Here is a topic list for culture essay and a brief guide on essay writing.

Culture essay topics.

  • Topics on cultural anthropology.
  • The subject of cultural anthropology.
  • Cultural anthropology issues: modifications by globalization.
  • Region studies in cultural anthropology: the concepts of “domestic” and “exotic”.
  • The theories of cultural areas.
  • Diffusionism in culture.
  • The linkages of culture anthropology and ethnography.
  • The role of ethnography in general scope of knowledge.
  • Religious studies ideology.
  • Culture critique in anthropology.

Topics on cultural assimilation.

  • The notion of assimilation, its meaning and types.
  • The common features of cultural and national assimilation.
  • How does cultural assimilation stand out of its other types?
  • The American style of cultural assimilation,
  • The world history of cultural assimilation.
  • Immigration as one of the causes of cultural assimilation.
  • Cultural assimilation between different nationalities in the United States.
  • Intermarriages and cultural assimilation.

Topics about resolution of cultural conflicts.

  • The most common causes of cultural conflicts.
  • Ethnicity and cultural conflicts.
  • Cross-cultural perspectives of conflict resolution.
  • Alternative methods of conflict resolution in culture.
  • Cultural conflict management and resolution.
  • Cultural conflicts at school: the reasons, effects and solutions.
  • How to avoid cross-cultural conflicts at schools?
  • How to prevent cultural conflicts at the workplace?
    1. Topics about cultural literacy.
  • Literacy as a fluency in culture.
  • Cognitive activity and cultural literacy.
  • The role of communication of cultural literacy development.
  • The cultural literacy and romanticism: why does this cultural period matter for general development of a person?
  • The concept of cultural “amnesia”.
  • The issues of cultural unliteracy among modern youth.
  • The role of teacher in student’s cultural literacy.
  • What does cultural literacy matter?

Topics on cultural diversity.

  • The role of globalization processes in cultural diversity.
  • Cultural diversity in the United States of America.
  • Educational issues connected with multiculturalism.
  • How to prevent conflicts grounded on cultural diversity.
  • “Respecting diversity”: the meaning of the principle.
  • Discrimination as violation of basic human rights.
  • Cultural diversity in media.
  • Cultural diversity: European challenges.
  • How to manage the diversity?
  • Cultural diversity and religion.
  • The methodology of fighting against racism.

Writing tips on culture essay.

  1. When you have selected the particular aspect you are going to research make sure that you focused your attention on one issue. An essay is usually a short academic writing genre, which is why you will not be able to include numerous facets. However, if your task is an extended essay you should not hesitate about selecting several facets to research on.
  2. Remember that, despite of the topic you select, your paper should be coherent, well-structured and clear. If you dare to choose a very complicated issue to write about you must be sure that you have enough sources, arguments and experience for that task.

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