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“Death Penalty” Essays: Definition, Pro and Con Argumentation

The issue of death penalty is disputable due to many factors that surround it, such as religion, history, moral, law and tradition. Sometimes it appears that considering some of them makes us compromise other ones, which seem to be less important at the moment. Nowadays, the tendency of abolishing capital punishment is obvious, however, the number of states that support it remain. Here are the key points to consider when conducting a research about death penalty.

Definition and general points about death penalty.

  • Death penalty is also called capital punishment. It is usually defined as the form of execution for an especially serious crime. A proper investigation and trial must be held in order to avoid executing innocent people as this type of punishment is unescapable.
  • Capital punishment is a well-known form of penalty as it was quite popular during human history. Luckily, nowadays it lost its positions and yearly we have less and less number of executed in this way. Death penalty is often substituted to lifelong imprisonment, which seems a little less cruel.
  • A significant point is that capital punishment can be performed only by a state. Otherwise, it is considered as a murder and must be judged as well.

The ways how capital punishment is beneficial.

  • Death penalty is really a strong punishment for an offender and should be performed only for especially serious crimes. This type of execution is considered beneficial as it prevents other crimes and is able to stop the offender. This function of the capital punishment is called deterrent.
  • Capital punishment is cheaper than lifelong imprisonment. Citizens do not need to pay money for supplying offenders during their life. Lethal injections appear to be much cheaper.
  • It is considered that capital punishment is a way to give closure to the family of the victim.

Why should death penalty be abolished all over the world?

  • It is hard to believe that civilized society is not able to find other fair tools for punishing offenders except for killing them. This kind of cruelty is not acceptable in today’s highly developed world.
  • Death penalty refutes an unalienated right of a person to live. This right is one of the natural ones and should not be denied in access. When spending so many efforts on providing everyone with equal rights we cannot allow them to be violated in this way.
  • Capital punishment makes people and society in general brutal and cruel. If we allow authorities to do with our life what they please it can be dangerous to us in future. Additionally, death penalty usually gets a lot of publicity, which can make people take such behavior with guilty ones for granted.
  • There are certain categories of people that are not responsible for their actions, which is why death penalty cannot be applied to them. People that have some mental illnesses or being under affect cannot realize what they are performing.

The probability of making a mistake is still high if they trial is exceptionally accurate and fair. In order to avoid killing innocent people

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