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“Death Penalty”: Research Paper Writing Directions

Death penalty is a form of execution for such “capital” crimes as rape, treason, murder, adultery and certain types of fraud. It is also called a capital punishment. The important point is that death penalty can be performed by state exclusively, as if it is acted by people it will be consider as killing and perceived as crime. Although many countries have abolished death penalty as a violent and unhuman one, there is still a range of states supporting this type of punishment. China, Iran, the United States, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are among them and execute up to thousand people yearly.

Death penalty is a controversial issue and has different sides of pro and con. When writing a research paper you should determine what your stand is and select the strong arguments for it. Here are the points for and against the capital punishment.

Arguments for death penalty.

  1. It is often claimed that committing death penalty is inhumanly as this action violates the basic human right to live. However, we should note that once the executed murders he or she refutes this right by his or her own, which is why deserves for same attitude.
  2. There is a principle, which is called “fitting the crime”. Once someone commits a certain action, which is against the law and may harm other people, he or she should expect that the same can happen to him or her.
  3. Death penalty has a deterrence function: by showing such a severe punishment for serious crimes to others we prevent them from doing the same.
  4. Capital punishment is able to stop the crime and the one, who is performing it. It means that due to death penalty re-offence can be prevented, which makes the social environment safer.
  5. Death penalty is considered to be fair enough as the people, which are really guilty, ought to have the same retribution according the crime performed.

Arguments against death penalty.

  1. It is an undoubtable fact that human life is the biggest value that we have. However, capital punishment is refuting this statement: relieving someone of life by our own will disproves our honesty about valuing life.
  2. What is worse, death penalty doubts the inalienable right of the person to live. As life is given to one naturally it must be taken in a natural way as well not by someone’s will.
  3. It is claimed that capital punishment is a good method of retribution. However, this statement can be distrusted as the concept of retribution is wrong in its core. It is not possible to teach people not to kill by the means of killing.
  4. In fact, death penalty is a vengeance not a way to deter or prevent re-offence. It reveals the evil side of human nature and should not be supported.
  5. There is also an opinion that lifelong imprisonment is a way better and more severe punishment than the death penalty. Being in prison till the end of days, in fact, can bring more suffering to a person.
  6. The capital punishment has a brutalizing function: it makes the society and individuals, in particular, crueler.

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