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Descriptive writing is one of the easiest forms of writing. Descriptive writing utilizes the writer's five senses to relay a thought or idea. This ease of this type writing can also create problems for writers. These problems generally result when the writer does not take the time to completely develop an idea.

Choosing a topic for a descriptive essay is the most important thing the writer needs to do. Topics for descriptive essays should be able to enable the writer to paint a verbal picture for their readers. Writers should stay away from topics which are vague or difficult to describe. For example, a writer should consider describing specific vacation locale such as Disneyland over just discussing vacations in general.

Descriptive speech ideas essay is one of the strongest fields of our writers

This gives the writer an opportunity to focus their ideas in to fully describing the one place. They can describe the exact sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings which are associated with being at Disneyland. The more specific the topic, the more specific the description can be and therefore the more clear the overall writing.

Descriptive writing can also be used in speech writing. A writer choosing descriptive speech ideas must follow the same rules as a writer choosing topics for descriptive essays. Since the listener does not have the benefit of being able to review a speech, the writer must be sure that the topic is clear and well defined. The use of clear, descriptive language is extremely important. A good example of descriptive speech ideas are those that give the writer the ability to clearly give the listener a full sense of what they are talking about.

Although descriptive writing is easy, it is not for the lazy. The writer must take the time to fully bring their audience into their world so that they can experience it themselves.

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