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Overcoming the Panics at Exams: That’s Easy

It is a well-known fact that every person at least once in his/her life experiences various colorful emotions during exams whether at school or at the university. Does this situation seem familiar to you: a mess in the head, dry lips, fear in the broad-opened eyes, hard breath, shaking hands…? And all this is only because of exams.

How to Overcome These Feelings and become Successful Avoiding Any Stress?

There are thousands of hints you may find wherever you look for it: newspapers, magazines, Internet, social networks, friends and so force. How to find the best appropriate method for you, which will guarantee that you’ll deal with all issues mentioned?

Before searching for the right solution it’s better to know the facts about the stress. The investigation shows that main reasons of stress are the following:

  1. Intensive mental work.
  2. Pressure at muscles while preparing to the exams being in the same body position.
  3. Violation of the sleep mode and relaxation balance.
  4. Negative feelings of a mental character connected with the exam.

Possible Consequences of the Stress

These factors affect the human’s body in the diverse demonstrations:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin diseases
  • Dismay
  • Panic
  • Any other phobia


How to Avoid the Bad Causes of Passing an Exam?

Unfortunately, we can’t get rid of the stress at all, because stress is a kind of human’s natural training mechanism to stay in a perfect shape. However, the good thing is that we may reduce the negative influence of it on our health.

First of all, psychologists propose to calm down and think about some pleasure things and pictures, such as paradise, silence of nature, the oasis etc. Just imagine yourself in other place surrounded with beauty of nature. But is it possible to relax just for a little bit?

Ways of Controlling the Stress:

  1. If you feel an embarrassment evinced in a form of quickened breath, hyperhidrosis and light shivering, you should simply exercise to normalize the respiratory rhythm. During the several minutes you need to breathe deeply and slowly. Your breathing should be steady and regular. Count till three and breathe in, count till three – and breathe out. Repeat it several times.

    After this practice you’ll feel better and your panic will transform into a light shivering.

  2. Avoid communicating with people who “supports” your panic and increase it more and more. They will exhaust you morally and you won’t be prepared to the exam properly.

  3. If you feel strong nervous pressure of your body in advance, you should go to see a doctor and ask him to prescribe some calming medicine. Caution! NEVER drink the sedative drugs the day of passing exam. Otherwise your mind will block any information and you’ll fail the exam for sure.

  4. If you are a person, who believes in any omens, you may follow your intuition and do some spiritual rituals. For example, pray to God, listen to special music that inspires you, and take on your favorite ‘lucky’ clothes and so on.

  5. Laugh a little before the exam! It will help you to relax and make your muscles more enervate.

    Laughing before an Exam
  6. Eat properly and remember to take the vitamins in time. The correct diet will support your nerves with the needed oxygen and overcome the stress.

  7. During the preparation to the exam think only about the perfect results. Stop criticizing yourself, believe in your possibilities and get the strong will to success. Positive thinking and attitude will arrange everything around you in a proper way. You’ll be lucky, trust me.

  8. Visualize the good marks and the process of the passing exam. Imagine that you are the best and you do everything easily.

  9. There are some affirmations you may use at the exam: “My mind works excellent. I am smart and answer wonderfully”, “My memory is really good. I do remember everything”, “I feel confidence in my mental abilities”.

  10. Never compare yourself with others. You are YOU, and no one has the same abilities as you. You are a unique person!

Believe in yourself and do know that stress won’t affect you, if you don’t let it. Everything depends on you. You choose: whether to live in panic or not. It’s up to you!

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