Education and Billions: How is the Life of Billionaires Connected with Education?

One can find stories, when a person has succeeded significantly without having any education, but being willing to work and to achieve his/her aim. Although the web space is full of such stories, they are unique, meaning that the most of billionaires do have a good educational basis.

Education and Business

What Education Do Billionaires Prefer?

Even though there are superrich people without a higher education (or even having no education at all), most of them still have got diplomas of prestigious educational institutes. Around 80% of billionaires have got a high quality higher education.

  • The Research Results

    The recent research shows some curious results. 2300 of rich people, who have earned billions, have been asked about their education and the responses disproved the myth about “success using just your brains and efforts”. 10% of the respondents have the Doctoral academic degree. 25% of the billionaires have a Master’s degree.

  • Where to Study?

    There are certain traditions among billionaires, so their choice of the higher education institute is pretty much defined. There is a short number of educational institutes among the world, where you will most likely find an existing or a future billionaire as a student.

    • USA

      The best universities in the world, studying in which may be called prestigious, are mostly situated in USA (well, at least 16 institutes of the best 20). The best university selection among the billionaires is the university of Pennsylvania, just a bit less popular ones are Harvard, the Cornell University, the University of South California, the Stanford University, the Yale and the Princeton University.

      The Harvard University
    • India

      Nevertheless, it is necessary to mention the University of Mumbai taking the 9th place in the world universities rating. It turns out that a good education may be given even in such unexpected countries.

    • United Kingdom

      When talking about educational institutes situated in United Kingdom, billionaires prefer the London school of Economics, considering that it gives a worthy knowledge in the field. A surprising fact is that Oxford and Cambridge universities, which are worldwide famous, have lost their popularity and now they are no longer mentioned by billionaires as the good choices in terms of educational perspectives.

    • Russia

      The Russian university after Lomonosov takes 11th place in the world rating of universities. It managed to take such a high position due to the efforts of Russian oligarchy.

Concentration of Billionaires and the Educational Choices

There is a common belief that the USA universities are so popular, because USA has the biggest number of billionaires living here. Well, those people should better know that 30% of billionaires living in USA came here from other places. Mostly, rich people have a tradition to gather in large cities. 40% of European billionaires are living in 10 cities, mostly in London and Moscow. But still, New York holds the first place by having the selection of the richest people in the world. Some impressing contrasts appear: in Nigeria, where the most of billionaires of Africa live, the number of uneducated children is the highest.

Education and Life of Billionaires

After rich people graduate, they still keep their connections with their educational institutes. It is kind of a tradition, because more than 50% of billionaires go on investing into charity communities, which are somehow connected with their university, even after graduation. Thus, when Harvard needs $6 billions, there are no doubts that it will get this amount of money. This explains why good and well-known universities keep being good, as to give opportunities for its students’ scientific development a university needs a lot of money to support itself.

A Brief Note

You should understand that good universities have the appropriately high demands to their students` performance. It is not enough to enter such a university. You should do your best to study hard and not to be expelled. Billionaires are not only those, who have a lot of money, but also people, who know how to study and work hard.

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