Effect essay: topics and basic writing steps.

Cause and effect essay is one of the common assignments at schools and colleges. It usually explains the reasons and results of some event or issue and, thus, explicating causal connections in them. The character of cause and effect linkages can be different, which should be mentioned in the paper. For example, one cause can have numerous effects or one result can be caused by many reasons. Also, the chain cause and effect situation can happen, when a result of one action can become the reason for the next one. Therefore, each component of the chain is a cause and the effect and the same time. Our article explains some basic rules for writing this type of paper and provides the readers with interesting topics for cause and effect papers.

Method of writing a cause and effect essay.

Multiple causes/one effect pattern.

  • This pattern requires you to formulate the thesis statement in the way that it presents one effect caused by numerous reasons.
  • Each body paragraph should be dedicated to one of the reasons, which you choose to explicate. The most important point in your writing is demonstrating and proving the causal connections. For this matter you should operate with facts and examples.

Multiple effect / one cause pattern.

  • If you are writing about the reason which leads to many results you need to reveal each of the result in a separate body paragraph.
  • Thesis statement must present your cause as the one which produces numerous consequences.
  • Each of the effects should be supported by minor and major points.

Cause and effect chain.

  • This pattern is used for the cases when the component of the chain is the cause and the effect at the same time.
  • In this case the order is important as each event leads to the next one.

Ideas for the effect essay topics.

Topics about relationships

  • Divorces and their causes
  • How does divorce influence children? Does the child’s age matter in this case?
  • What are the results of online dating?
  • The causes and effects of long distance relationships.
  • How does living together before marriage influence the relationships?
  • The effects of abortions in serious relationships.
  • What is the effect of having a twin sister or brother?
  • What are the effects of growing up as the single child in the family?

Topics about social issues.

  • What are the causes of homelessness?
  • The causes of poverty in your country.
  • The effects of natural disasters
  • How does growing up with food insecurity end up?
  • Do charity organizations help coping with social issues?
  • Effects of improper sanitation in a community.
  • Effects of growing up in poverty.

Health care topics.

  • Causes of AIDs
  • What are the causes and effects of cancer?
  • Does stress have any effect on the general state of health?
  • How does vaccination of children influence their heath?
  • The causes of getting blind.
  • Effects of regular dental care.
  • The causes for allergies’ development.

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