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Global warming has so far become an environmental concern and it is high time we device ways of preventing this issue. It results from a gradual increase of the earth's temperature and it has been proved that human activities such as burning of fuel, emissions from motor vehicles and deforestation are just but a few causes. This short essay about global warming will enlighten us on preventive measures that we can take to curb this menace.

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For one, we can employ the use of solar energy as compared to the use of fossil fuels which tend to emit a larger amount of carbon dioxide. In addition, plantation of more trees is one natural means as the trees are natural controllers of carbon dioxide thereby limiting their concentration in the atmosphere. More information from essays on global warming should also not be taken for granted as these can bring the real change that we all need as a world.

The enormous number of cars is a contributing factor due to gas emissions. We ought to switch to use of bio fuels or even adopt to usage of electric cars and trains in order to reduce emissions. On the other hand, if we limit the usage of heaters in our homes and resolve to switching off electronic appliances which are not in use, we could help reduce global warming to some extent. More other mechanisms can be devised from essays on global warming to help enlighten people about this stunning issue.

Lastly, global warming cannot be erased instantly and so it is high time we start teaching the future generation how to save the earth. In fact, many people have less knowledge about it and hence awareness ought to be provided and any essay about global warming can serve the purpose and can surely save the earth as a whole.

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