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Essay about love: topic list.

Essays about love have both easy and difficult sides when it comes to their completion. They may seem really unproblematic as every person knows at least something about love so can state his or her own position about it. On the other hand, the position for the essay must be objective while people usually find it difficult to provide completely unbiased opinion. The second important point to consider is that usually there is some type of essay you have to write. For example, you may be expected to write a philosophic, reflection, definition, descriptive or expository paper. Moreover, there are some aspects of love that can let the writer complete a research paper about it. We have prepared you a list of topics for essay about love. Check it out and find the one for you.

Love as a feeling.

  • How does love make people feel?
  • Does love improve people’s physical health?
  • Which feelings are close to love?
  • What is the difference between love and friendship?
  • Love and respect: can we call these to notions synonyms?
  • Love and its encouraging power.
  • How can hatred ruin people’s life?
  • Why do we need love daily?
  • Need of love.
  • What is the difference between getting and giving love? What is more pleasant for you?
  • Why can a great love be called a great loss?
  • Is the love and romance the same things?
  • Loving relationships as an experience.

Love and society.

  • How can love help to solve social issues?
  • Which social strata need our love the most?
  • Why we should not leave homeless people without our love.
  • Do old people have necessity of love?
  • Why does love cause suicides?
  • Love education: the need and ways of its establishing.

Love and family.

  • Parental love and its peculiarities.
  • Is male and female love different?
  • How can one find balance in love?
  • The reasons for divorces.
  • The ways of saving love for lifelong.
  • How to achieve happiness in family love?
  • Love, respect and friendship in family life.
  • The ingredients of family life: love, respect and togetherness.
  • Is there a place for egoism in family?
  • How do children change parents and their loving?

Love and art.

  • How was love revealed in ancient art?
  • Love in romanticism as one of the most powerful agents.
  • Love as an inspiration.
  • Nature and love in art.
  • How was love depicted by modernists?
  • Destructive love in postmodernism.
  • Love and its angles in different cultures.
  • Different types of love in Ancient Greek art.
  • Why are the most poems written about love?
  • Love to art.
  • Comparison of love depiction in knight novels and medieval literature.
  • Love to God in medieval art.
  • Love to human in Renaissance art.

Love in different cultures and religions.

  • The meaning of “loving your neighbor”.
  • How does the meaning of love modify in the New Testament of Bible.
  • Love in Islamic religion.
  • Love as a basis of Christianity.

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