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Essay about teaching

Every person has dealt with different kinds of teachers for about 20 years in his or her life, on average. Even though teachers may be not loved by everyone, but, undoubtedly, those are the people that have had a great impact on our life, education, upbringing and development. It is an obvious fact that the interest of student to a particular subjects depends on the person teaching it. For sure, successful and effective teaching has some must-haves, such as teacher’s good competence in a discipline, charisma and organizing skills.

The main task of any educational process is, for sure, providing a student with knowledge and experience in particular realms and the teacher is the first assistant in it. Modern schooling systems presuppose the great extent of self-education but still teacher remains a leader and a role model for the student in the field. Therefore, in order to teach the child or adult a tutor or professor must possess a boundless level of knowledge in his discipline, or at least, be good at what he or she is supposed to know. The psychology of a student is quite specific and very often the information, which the teacher is trying to share, is not too welcomed. Therefore, the tutor must be able to find the appropriate method to pass all needed experience to the student.

One of the mentioned features of a good teacher is a charisma. There is a statement that in order to be a successful teacher you must be a talented actor, as well. The effective lesson is possible only when the tutor leaves all his personal concerns and is totally involved in school life, in general, and in the lessons topic and cooperation with students, in particular. Actor skills are needed, especially, for presenting a piece of information in the way, which will excite and impress the students. Moreover, a teacher is to show confidence and his or her full commitment of what he is doing. Surely, this part is not mandatory but being enthusiastic is an only way to get good results, as well.

Apart from gifted presentation of material, the teacher must make sure how students perceive it, if they understand it and are able to pass the control. This is where a teacher gets a role of a manager. He or she is responsible for organizing the studying process in the way, which will correspond to the general program and let the whole scope of material be learned and comprehended. Additionally, teacher should be able to interest students for extra-curriculum activities connected with his or her subject, which can help to reveal real talents.

Teaching profession is one of the most complicated once as, in fact, a person who is teaching plays a number of roles. He or she must be a tutor, scientist, parent and friend, which is not too easy due to different factors, such as student’s characters and behaviors. The main tasks that are carried by teachers are sharing a knowledge and providing the ways to get and comprehend it, develop moral values and social skills, apart from professional ones, foster student’s interest and involvement into academic life, and even giving personal support when it is necessary.

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