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Essay writing is a big part of your academic career. Actually, this is what forms and develops your writing, criticizing and argumentative skills that are necessary for various activities in work and education. For this reason we recommend you to pay much attention to essay writing and learn how to do it properly with us. Here are some basic writing rules that you should keep in mind.

All writing starts with pre-writing.

  • Before you begin working on a draft you must know what and how to write. For this matter, first of all, you should check the requirements given by your tutor. Pay attention to the following points:
  1. The question you are expected to answer.
  2. The recommended literature. Can you use and cite any sources or should you write everything with your own words and basing on your own research?
  3. Primary and secondary sources. Which ones are needed for your paper?
  4. Should you choose a topic by your own or is it given by professor?
  5. The referencing style of the essay needed.
  • When you get the assignment you should make sure that you understand it fully. If there are any unknown terms check them with the dictionary. In case you still have issues with correct interpretation of the task do not hesitate to consult with your instructor or contact a writing center at your college.
  • One of the main pre-writing steps is the research. When you get the task you need to gather the material to write about and the facts and examples in order to support your arguments. When you work with sources you should not copy the ideas from there but use as a proof for your own position only.

Essay must be clear and well-structured.

  • Clarity and coherence are the essay features that usually go together. They are the must-have requirements as only with them you will be able to get your reader satisfied.
  • Make sure that your points are not obscure. If there is some background information needed in order to clarify the idea or argument do not hesitate to provide it, at least, in brief.
  • The essay of yours must have an appropriate structure. Usually you can follow a five paragraphs model: an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion.
  • The introductory part has to provide your reasons for writing, some general information, which is narrowed into your thesis statement at the very end of this paragraph. The thesis statement is an accumulation of your major points developed regarding the issue discussed.
  • Each body paragraph must begin with the topical sentence that reflects the main idea of it. At the same time it can be your argument for proving the thesis stated. In order to defend it you have to provide the audience with suitable examples, facts and citations from the appropriate sources. This is how you can prove that your position is valid.
  • The last sentence of each paragraph is a transition to the next one. Transitions, basically, provide the coherence of the essay. They are to link the ideas with each other, explain causes and effects of the issue discussed.

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