Essay on Japanese culture tells everything about Japan culture

Japan is notably one of the strongest economies in the world.The advancement in technology has seen it grow to be a dominant player in the Asian region.Other than the thriving economy,the Japanese people pride themselves with a distinct culture and way of life.Writing an essay on Japanese culture requires extensive research on the language,literature,music and cuisine of the Japanese people.There is however a significant influence of the Japanese culture from other countries in Asia,Europe and North America.

The Language and Literature

A documented research paper on the Japanese culture should explain the literature and Language of the Japanese.A Japanese writing paper elucidates the origins,evolution and influence that both the language and literature have had over time.The Official language of Japan is Japanese,spoken by all nationals and immigrants in the country.The Language is written in a combination of three scripts;hiragana,katakana and kanji.

Japanese writing paper is an extremely interesting topic to write about for us

A significant aspect of an essay on Japanese culture is it's literature.Due to it's geographical location,most of the ancient Japanese literature was heavily influenced by neighboring China.The introduction and subsequent adoption of Buddhism in Japan also brought with it some Indian influence.These two played a huge role in influencing the Japanese literature and culture.Japanese authors chose to be distinct when they started writing about Japan,and there was no longer any influence from other countries.

Japanese Cultural Heritage

The Japanese are proud of their culture,and have tried to uphold and maintain it overtime.This is demonstrated in their traditional forms of music,and exhibited paintings in various parts of the country.The presence of Buddhism influenced the development of sculpting as an art,creating images of the gods.These Buddhist images are common in Japanese temples.A good Japanese writing paper should extensively exhaust all these aspects of the Japanese culture.

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