Essay on love: topic and writing tips.

Writing essay on love is a quite beneficial task as there are numerous aspects that you can choose for discussion. First of all, you have to figure out what type of essay you are to complete. For example, if he required type is an expository essay you have to explain what love is; if the descriptive is needed you should provide the detailed image of some situation, event or thing, which you connect with love.  Also, there can be analysis, critical, explanatory and definition essays on love. Despite which type of paper you have to complete you are able to select a preferable aspect. Here are some helpful tips on writing.

Writing guide to essays about love.

  1. Love is a theme that can cause various associations and sometimes objective opinions. However, since the essay is a piece of academic writing you should provide an unbiased position that will correspond to your assignment and topic. For this matter, we recommend you to limit your emotions and find serious supporting examples and details for your arguments.
  2. As every type of writing your paper should possess a clear and logical structure. Even if you are working on the reflective essay make sure that it is well-organized and has the required components, such as an introduction, a main body and a conclusion.
  3. Throughout your writing you should use the transitions that will tie your paper up. Consider that the last sentence of every paragraph should be transitive to the next idea you are going to develop. Actually, this is the way to bring coherence to your paper.

Topic ideas for essays on love:

Personal aspect: love and relationships.

  • Your first love.
  • Love in family.
  • What is falling in love for you?
  • How often do you fall in love?
  • Is it possible to fall in and “out” love?
  • What kind of feelings does love cause?
  • How children should love their parents?
  • Can love exist forever?
  • Does really love exist for three years only?
  • Are divorces caused by fading of love?
  • Do all people love in the same way?
  • Styles of loving: do people love differently?
  • How does parental love differ from other types?

Religious and moral aspects of love.

  • Love and honesty: where is the balance between these two feelings?
  • Loving your enemies.
  • Selfishness: how can love to yourself be harmful?
  • Egoism: can it be beneficial?
  • Love to God: does it differ from other types of love familiar to you?
  • How does our love help our beloved?
  • Love and hatred: two opposites of one feeling.
  • Why do some religions prohibit gay love and marriages?
  • Loving the broken and lost: how your love can help others.

Love and culture.

  • Love as a powerful agent of Western culture.
  • How is love depicted in Eastern art?
  • Love as inspiration.
  • How was love observed and identified in Ancient Greece.
  • Different views on love in Ancient Greece and Rome.
  • Love in pop-art.



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