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The lover by Marguerite Duras is simple a masterpiece that was originally written in French and Barbara Frey translated it from French to English. The love is a confrontation and revelation in equal measure. Few can say that Duras the lover is kind of a memoir as she portrayed her early years in it when she lived in Saigon with her belligerent brother and poor mother. Duras the lover is filled with lot of emotions without any flaw in design of this masterpiece book.

The lover by Marguerite Duras is a story of intimacies and roman between poor young girl and a wealthy but older Chinese man. This story starts in 1929 when a nameless 15 year old girl who is traveling by ferry in to the Mekong Delta. She is returning from her family home to boarding school in Saigon after a vacation. In this trip a 27 year old Chinese man who is son of very wealthy business men get attracted toward her. He tries to talk to her and she also accepts invitation from him about riding back to town by his limousine.

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With new situation this girl who never lived a wealthy life, whose mother is a bankrupt house widow get fascinated with this Chinese mans money and they both become lover for each other. This relationship has love as well as clandestine romance also. This relationship goes on until he accepts his fathers disapproval and he relationship with her.

In initial Duras painted this relationship as an exchange but in later part she filled a lot of love and emotion in it with a flawless speed and perfection that makes it very interesting. So if we explain the lover in one line it's a story that contains love, lust, emotion, pain and almost every feeling that a normal human can feel.

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