Essay topics for teachers.

Essay writing is a complex process, in fact, which requires a writer to make several essential steps. One of the steps is choosing a topic and should be taken really seriously. There are some important requirements to the topic you select:

  • It should be complicated enough in order to dedicate a written academic piece to it;
  • You must be passionate about it so the writing process will be exciting for you and your essay will be interesting for the readers.
  • The topic should be not too broad: make sure that you narrow your focus to one worthy aspect.
  • The subject of writing must be disputable: all academic writing is mostly argumentative, which is why you should consider making a claim about the topic selected.

Here is the topics list, which can be assigned to high school and college students:

Education topics:

  • Should each school establish its own policies?
  • The national school policies and standards.
  • School uniform: pro and cons.
  • Does wearing school uniform restrict student’s freedom and creativity?
  • The best ways to develop creative skills at school.
  • Issues of switching from school to college.
  • The most effective ways to manage time in college.
  • How can colleges and schools fight with children’s obesity?
  • Physical education in college: advantages and disadvantages.
  • The roles of parents in student’s education.
  • Innovative ways of students’ grading.
  • How can grades be harmful for student’s self-esteem?
  • School curriculum: how to set it effectively.
  • Educating children with disabilities: major challenges for teachers and parents.
  • Should teachers assign homeworks for students?
  • Use and harm of doing home assignments.

Topics about health.

  • Causes and effects of childhood obesity.
  • How can parents save their child from obesity nowadays?
  • Does American culture have impact on children getting overweight?
  • Major health risks in technological era.
  • Genetic engineering: pros and cons.
  • Theology and genetic engineering.
  • Does genetic engineering contradict religions?
  • Gene doping in athletics.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of cloning people.
  • Making business in biotechnology.
  • Biological engineering and ethical issues.
  • The harm of genetically modified food.
  • Future of food: genetic modification.
  • Genetic engineering in agriculture today.
  • The necessary restrictions for genetic modifying.
  • The movement of euthanasia in the USA nowadays.
  • Euthanasia practice: ethical analysis.
  • The moral issues of assisted suicide.

Topics about art.

  • Art in graphic design.
  • Should art be restricted by censorship?
  • The pros and cons of censoring modern art.
  • Should art have age restrictions?
  • Are films more effective than books?
  • The major issues discussed in modern literature.
  • Personal art collections VS museums.
  • The best art form.
  • How does art broaden our minds?
  • The typical character in post-modern art.
  • What are the typical features of Renaissance art?
  • Comparative analysis of realism and social realism.
  • Pop-art and its main features.
  • What kind of art is the most difficult to understand?
  • Why is not always easy to grasp and idea brought by an artist in his art piece?

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