Essays on gender: inequality, roles and stereotypes.

Gender is one of the determining factors of human being. This concept is closely connected with the notion of sex, the biological side of gender, however, it is quite broader since it includes social and psychological facets of the issue. If you have to conduct a research on gender you have a range of aspects to choose among, such as gender identity, gender stereotypes and roles, the issue of gender equality/ inequality, feminism and antifeminism. Consider that even these topics are rather broad and you should select a focus for your writitng. Here are the examples of yopics for you.


1. Topics about gender identity.

- The concept of gender.

- The factors influencing gender self-identification.

- Do parents influence children's gender self identification.

- The notion of gender identity.

- Gender identity: typical mascular and femine features.

- Is behavior determined by gender?

- The politics of identity.


2. Topics about gender stereotyping.

- The process of gender stereotyping: historical view.

- Gender stereotype: how is it created?

- Should we resist gender stereotypes?

- Are all gender stereotypes harmful?

- Gender stereotypes and social roles.

- Most common stereotypes about women.

- Stereotypes about men created by women.

- Gender roles.

- Household duties of men and women.

- Mother as a role determined by gender.

- Means of stereotyping process: gender in movies, advertising and literature.

- Gender stereotyped children toys.

- Gender stereotypes and same sex relationships. 

- Jobs limited by gender principle. Should women do men's work?

- Men’s roles: a father, a warrior and a hunter.

- The interdependence of men and women studies.

- Masculinity features in different countries.


3. Topics about feminism.

- Early feminist movement in Europe.

- American feminism.

- The reasons for antifeministic movement arising.

- Feminism and art.

- Feminism in literature.

- Are feminists still needed?

- Female attractiveness and feminism: do men like strong and independent women. Sociological view.

- The difference between female and feminist literature.

- The image of woman in modern gloss magazines.

- Feministic means of literature development in Modern period.

- The philosophical basis of feminist movement.

- Studies about masculinity.


4. Topics about gender equality and discrimination.

- Does discrimination on gender basis remain a sharp issue today?

- Gender equality as one of the basic human righta.

- The means to regulate gender equality.

- Does existing of same sex schools violate the right on gender equality?

- Gender discrimination on the work place.

- Do career opportunities depend on gender?

- Religion and gender. How some religions restrict women rights.

- Women choosing technical jobs: personal and career challenges.

- Why does the gender gap in pay exist?

- Сross-cultural perspective of gender equality.

- How to tackle gender inequality at school?

- Educational means of coping with inequality of genders.

- Reasons for gender inequality emerging nowadays.

- Does gender inequality influence the quality of job?

- Economic growth and effects of gender inequality.

- Social effects of women discrimination.

- Men discrimination: is the issue arising today?

- Gender discrimination in sport.

- Why soccer is typically a game for men?


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