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Essays on love: how and what to write about?

Essays about love can be classified by two criteria: the type of essay required and the angle of view on the topic. Both of classes can be subdivided into numerous groups as love is the topic appropriate for using different methods for its discussing and various points of view on its nature. Here we will touch upon the most important points of essays on love.

Which type of paper should I choose for essay on love?

Basically, there is no one correct answer but here we have several variants for you.

  1. Reflective essay: if you write a reflective paper about love you can select a book or a movie about as a basis for your writing. This is how you will be able to provide examples for your impressions. Also, it is possible just to describe your ideas about the topic, but make sure that you narrow the focus of it.
  2. Descriptive essay: description paper will let you describe things or people connected with love. You may choose describing the wedding day of your friends or relatives, your first love, the best date in your life. Make sure that the topic, which you select, is suitable for description and includes enough details for it.
  3. Philosophy paper: love can be viewed from a philosophic point, which will make it the subject for philosophy essay. Here you can discuss the components of this notion, significance of concept and influence on human cognition.
  4. Psychology essay: love is considered as a feeling, which is why you are able to review such questions of how it makes the person feel; if it changes the way of acting and thinking and psychological issues connected with love.
  5. Definition essay: you can try to develop your own definition for the concept of love. Try to define this term from the point of your personal understanding. For this matter, you can use the sources from philosophy, psychology, biology, statistics, chemistry, sociology and literature.

Topics for essays on love.

As we have mentioned there are numerous angles, which love can be viewed from. The aspect you select will, actually, determine the type and content of your paper.

Love and society.

  • Perfect age for getting married.
  • Love standards in different societies.
  • Why is divorce rate increasing nowadays?
  • Is love necessary for creating a family?
  • Social stereotypes about love: should they be followed?

Love in art.

  • Is love depicted in the medieval art?
  • Renaissance and love: can these notions go together?
  • Love as an artistic inspiration.
  • Love in literature works: the greatest novel about love.
  • Love in classical music.
  • What are the means of musical expressing love?
  • Eternal love depicted in dramatic love.
  • How does understanding of love changes with different periods of art development?

Love as a notion.

  • What is love for you?
  • Does eternal love exist?
  • Various understandings of the concept of love in different cultures.
  • How does Eastern culture explain the concept of love?
  • Love in the culture of West.
  • Impersonal love.
  • Love from the biological point of view.
  • What do philosophers think about love?


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