Essays on teaching.

Teaching is a multi-facet job, which requires a person to possess numerous skills dealing not only with the discipline instructed but also organization, charisma and communication with students, their parents and colleagues. One more point for the complexity of teacher’s profession is an ability to cope with stress, multi-tasking a readiness to work not in business hours only. What is more, an ability to treat all the students equally without showing personal preferences or dislikes in strongly recommended.

Time management is definitely a capacity that exceptionally necessary for the teacher. Usually tutors and professors have different groups with various needs, tasks and levels or even different subjects taught. In order to get everything done properly the teacher must be well-organized and know how to deal with his or her time. Additionally, there is a factor setting hurdles in the issue: the teacher is not only supposed to provide the students with the required theoretical material, but also teach the practical appliances of it, make sure that students comprehend both and control their level of knowledge and academic achievements. Although student’s self-education is very popular tendency today the teacher still remains an equal participant of the educational process and is responsible, to a large extend, for the results of group.

Secondly, the teacher is the one who is able to work 24/7. We do not mean that you are to be a workaholic to become a teacher, yet you are expected to dedicate more time for this occupation than any other job representative. In fact, the teacher should be available for the student not only during the class but after it and even via email if the students really needs assistance. Furthermore, the tests, materials for lectures and assignments are prepared by the teacher and usually preparation takes place at home and after classes. An extra note for material grounding is being passionate about it. The best way to make up a good assignment is to complete it in those way, which would be interesting to write or take part even for the teacher himself. Students do millions of boring and standard assignment but they will really appreciate if their professor manage to surprise and excite them.

One more challenge, which the teacher may face, is connected with two following factors. First of all, teaching means dealing with people that requires good communicating and negotiating skills. Second side of this issue is modern education must be argumentative. The student has to doubt and be able to prove the validity of his or her position, which means that the teacher is supposed to create the situations that are disputable and appropriate for argument between students. The connection of these two aspects presumes that participants of discussion will disagree and argue with each other. In this case the teacher has to play role of an honest judge that takes into account all the opinions and evaluates them appropriately but is always on the side of sooth. All the disputes should be carried out in a tolerant manner without abusing any race, religion, gender or ethnicity. Moreover, all the students should feel winners of this race, which the teacher should arrange.

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