Example of Creative Writing: Points to Consider

Creativity is a process that, first of all, requires a proper motivation: here you need not only to provide certain information but also to express your feelings and impress the reader by your expressive means. Creative writing is a way harder than other types of writing but we do believe that every person can cope with this task if he or she is aware of the basic rules. Here you can find some tips of how to keep yourself motivated and how to avoid the common mistakes made in creative writing.

Creativity of mind: hints for self-motivation.

  • You should start with the proper understanding of “creativity” concept. The basic feature that differs it from other activities is producing something brand new, which has not existed before. Once a person is involved in creative work he or she acquires an ability to express the thoughts freely.
  • There is a number of reasons why you will like creative writing:
  1. It is a chance to express and reveal your personal views on the particular issues. Be sure that creative writing offers a range a genres and forms for this matter.
  2. Creative writing is an entertainment. You can consider it as an adventure which can absorb you fully.
  3. Creative writing helps to avoid loneliness and at the same time escape from the surrounding world by creating a new one.
  4. When writing fiction you can create the alternative lives and develop different possible ways how to live them.
  5. Creativity is a tool that helps to draw people’s attentions to the issues, which you consider sharp and worth discussing.

Creative writing tips

  • If you selected the genre of story you should consider following points:
  • Adding dynamic and bright descriptions of the things you are writing about;
  • Characters must act naturally. It does not mean that they should do and say ordinary things only but the way they speak and behave must look normal and logical in the reality, which you create in your story.
  • Try to touch the reader so he or she cares about your writing.
  • For novel writing you should note:
  • There is a number of novel types and you have to select the one, which is suitable.
  • The most popular types in novel classification are science fiction, fantasies, romance, horrors, thrillers, and historical novels. Keep in mind that each genres has specific features and if you dare to put one under your novel’s title you should be aware of them.

Common mistakes in creative writing.

  • Some writers make introductions and beginnings too long and boring. The introductory part is necessary but do not forget to get to the point after completing it.
  • Do not write about obvious things. Although clarity is important creative writing allows skipping some points or connections which are evident for audience.
  • Repetition is accepted only if it is a writing device used wisely. Using the same words in each sentence and tautology will not be too beneficial for your work.
  • One of the common mistakes is using filler phrases and words. They add the word count but usually not add any sense.


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