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The Most Extraordinary Education Systems That Really Work

Children in Class

If you feel like the way teachers bring knowledge into your head is not the most sufficient scheme and is not enough for your successful learning, take a look at these education systems and freely add them to your autonomous learning process in order to add to your productivity.

Learning at school does not mean getting all the knowledge at one place within the walls of one institution. However, here you spend all your childhood and teen years, here you learn the basics of this world and here you decide on your future path in life. Therefore, to make your learning period not that humdrum we recommend you to look at these systems of learning and maybe you will find there something for yourself.

Most Innovative Ways of Teaching Children at Schools

It is not surprising that with the development of technologies and constant renewing of the already known facts we (as young and not so learners) must observe a renewing of traditional study systems (unfortunately, not in all countries and usually very as a slow process). When previously, students were to learn that the Earth is a center of our universe and all planets turn around it, now we learn completely different things.

I personally remember when being at school in a biology class, I had to learn about some neurons which are "not investigated enough, no idea how they appear in a human organism, no idea how to conquer them as they might kill a person but we should learn at least something about them" as my teacher said. It does not necessarily mean that our teachers are not aware of what they are teaching, no, it carries an important message that the study materials need a constant and perpetual update as our world does not stay still and every day some discoveries are made.

We have collected the primary facts about the schemes of teaching which you might have never heard of but your peers enjoy them already. Which one would you choose?

Finland: A Child Without Pressure

Finnish Landscape

The whole word has been surprised when a scoop about Finnish schools without homework and competition between schoolers appeared. So why is it still considered the best in the world?

Finland had earned its honor to be the country with the highest rates of academic results among schoolchildren. And it is very reasonable. Such a powerful education system contains several innovations:

  • Start studying at the age of seven. Unlike other schools all over the world, children in Finland do not burden themselves with sitting in a class or kindergarten until they turn 7 years old and only then eventually involve themselves in the study process;
  • Learning how to learn, not how to pass an exam and successfully forget it. This is a common issue of all education systems which long only grades from children and teach them with the help of cramming. Finnish children learn how to LEARN a subject and apply it in the real world. They do not prepare yourself for writing what they have crammed but clearly understand the notion of this knowledge;
  • No homework until meeting their teens. Free time is for other things, not learning! If teachers think children should spend all their leisure time with books – they never had a childhood;
  • No evaluating their scores - no competition and constant stress. Is not it a paradise? No stress, no nervousness because your peer has got a better result than you and parents will scold you at home. Just learning for your pleasure;
  • Less number of children in one class. Usually they are up to 15 people and everyone has a chance to participate, to say their own opinion on some issue and not just sleep the whole lesson or be too afraid to say something incorrect;
  • No difference between "excellent" and "bad" students. The discrepancy between children with high and children with low scores is the lowest in the world. How did they reach such gorgeous results? They do not divide students and those who are for example weaker in chemistry have a chance to study with children good at it and learn from them as well.

Still wondering why they are the best?

O4NT: Education of a New Era in the Netherlands

Our today's generation lives in the world of technology but they still order children to shut down their phones during classes and use book instead of media to learn study. However, in the Netherlands things go a bit different. They encourage children to use electronic devices for educational goals. Schoolers have tablets during classes; they download educational apps and enjoy studying with such an entertaining way.

Because, we created new technologies not for putting them away and opening a book, those were created to help a human develop through more convenient ways and the Dutch teachers do their job excellently by letting children hone their skills and enjoy studying.

Genius China Math Kids

Chinese Kids

China is widely known for its super clever kids who additionally have tons of homework but are the best in the world when it comes to Mathematics. How is that possible? Well, the first reason that is named is that Chinese language is so well-structured that children have no problems with calculating since the very young age. It is also known that the education system in China pays more attention to interactive learning in classes than usual level around the world.

Sleeping Canada and UK

Some schools and colleges in Canada and UK have looked at the children constantly being late to the first lesson and distracted and decided... that the schoolchildren should sleep longer! Thanks to some very attentive people who finally understood that the biorhythm of a young adult and teenager is being different from the one of an adult, children enjoy one more hour of sleeping in the morning.

And it is not simply an egoistic wish. Children do really feel more attentive and are aware of what is going on in class. They are more active in general and more eagerly participate in the studying process. However, not all schools support this theory, therefore, some still keep to the traditional opening hours. Who knows what may happen in the future!

Teaching Without a Teacher

This theory is still only in the air but take place when talking about children in a class being taught by a computer. Is it a fantasy? No, real life!

Something similar already exists: nowadays the web is full of online courses provided by the most notable universities in the world and offered absolutely for free! Just take the course and study! Maybe one day our education process will be completely different from what we know today and we will just absorb necessary information like consuming food. However, till that time comes, we must find the most efficient way to study productively. One theory says "the best way to learn something is to love it." And we agree with it.

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