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Expository Essay: Topic Ideas

An expository essay is one of the basic types of papers existing as its first and main function is explaining the subject of writing. Basically, you will need to define the subject that you are writing about, tell the reader what it is and the main features of it. Also, you can include such points as the history of its development, discovery or invention, explanation of the working process, its causes and effects and the significance to you and other people. Here we will provide you with some topics to select for your paper, which should be the first writing step.

Expository writing topics.

  • Describing the statue of the famous person. Here you can refer to two main subjects: the sculpture itself (material, form, style, sculptor, history of creation) and the famous personality (the life, achievements etc.). Make sure that you show the connection of the way the artist depicted and the person him or herself.
  • Can you be a good roommate? Touch upon such points as your personal traits, the ability to keep the house in order. Talk about which characteristics you would like your roommate to possess: the positive ones, negative ones, which you can bear, and those that totally annoy you.
  • How to get a scholarship? This topic will require your explanation of what scholarship is and the peculiarities of those, which you prefer writing about. Also, indicate the steps that should be followed for getting a scholarship. Note about the personal characteristics and achievements that would be valuable.
  • What is racism? A good choice for expository writing is a social topic. For example, if you choose such issue as racism you will really have much to talk about: history, reasons, cases, and laws, state in different countries. Just make sure that you fit into your required word count and put the proper accents in your paper.
  • How does 3D printer works? You can also elaborate the topics about technologies. When choosing this topic explain what is 3D and how printer can create 3D-reality, when and how it was developed and main principles of work.

How to write the expository paper.

  • The expository essay must be vivid and interesting to read, otherwise, the audience can get bored and leave your paper.
  • Make sure that you select the topic, which you understand perfectly and are interested in. If you are not there will not be many chances to attract the reader, or if you are unfamiliar with the subject of writing it will be rather difficult to provide a proper explanation.
  • Do not omit the pre-writing step in your essay completion. You will need to conduct a good research in order to gather all the points needed. Try to use information from different sources comparing and contrasting it.
  • Structure your essay. Clarity and coherence must be followed in any writing that you work on. Make sure that you include introduction and conclusions as they are the frame of your paper providing the general points and your topic significance.
  • The last stage of your writing is revising. Spend some time for re-reading your paper and thinking about the ways to improve it.

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