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Family essay topics.

The concept of family is defined differently in various cultures, countries and times. Generally, we determine it as the social unit, which in fact was the first social group in the historical perspective. The issues, which are close to the question of family, are marriage, children, education, and social values. Depending on the number of spouses the family can be classified as nuclear and extended. Here you can find a range of angles, which you can apply for your family research and choose a topic for the essay among them.

Sociological topics about family:

  •  The history of family institution.
  • The notion of nuclear family.
  • Extended families: a meaning of concept and typology.
  • Should families have their own policy?
  • Laws regulating family lives.
  • The role of children in family lives.
  • How do children modify couple’s lifestyle?
  • The changes happening to family institution throughout the history.
  • The concept of family in Western culture.
  • Trends of family life nowadays.
  • Cultural diversity in family.
  • Does family assimilate diversity?
  • The meaning of justice in family.
  • Kinship relations and family institution.
  • The alternative methods of parenting.

Topics about family communication.

  • The importance of dialogue in family life.
  • The role of family communication.
  • How to reach understanding in family in the digital era?
  • Socialization as one of the basic tasks of family.
  • The tradition of “dinner talk”: is it essential for family life?
  • Children’s risk behavior as the result of family miscommunication.
  • Cultural communication in biracial families.
  • The effects of improper family communication.
  • Leisure and communication in family.

Topics about family conflicts.

  • Causes and effects of family conflicts.
  • Ways to resolve disputes in families.
  • Family conflict management.
  • Trustworthy of key to family conflicts’ resolving.
  • Gender differences leading to family conflicts.
  • How to resolve conflicts based on ethnic diversity in family?
  • Self-criticism in family couples.
  • The consequences of family conflicts on child’s school life.
  • Cross-cultural solutions to family conflicts.
  1. Topics about family values.
  • How to preserve cultural values of families.
  • The typology of family values.
  • Children’s rights as one of the basic family values.
  • Family values in Europe: gender and materialism issues.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of same-sex education.
  • Social democracy in family.
  • Which family values should be preserved in the 21st century?
  • The role of religion in family.
  • How does religion influence the family life?
  • The role of moral authority in family.
  • Family life myths and stereotypes.

Topics about parenting.

  • The reasons for parent’s anxiety.
  • Being a good parent as investment in social life.
  • Parental control and parental over-control.
  • Parenting biology and ecology issues.
  • What is parenting ecology?
  • The main rules of practical parenting.
  • The ecological perspective of parenting.
  • Children upbringing in non-traditional families.
  • Parenting in non-traditional families.
  • Challenges of modern parenting.
  • The cultural issues in parenting.
  • Mother-daughter relationships.
  • What is family therapy?


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