An Essay About Feminism: Pt.2

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In the previous article, you had a chance to get to know the main rules of how to compose a well-structured essay on a topic of feminism and found out the primary points throughout the feministic history (or history, if to be a feminist). Here we will talk about the next terms classifying various subtopics of feminism and its influence on our world today.

Types and Kinds of the Movement

Although having been evoked as a united campaign at first, this ideology has been easily separated then into a range of independent but tightly bind offshoots that were spread all through the society in all spheres of living.

Socialistic Ideology

Women Demonstrating

This type of feministic campaign is aimed to put the capitalistic system to its end as they claim it bolsters the sex inequality and men's priority over women. Men tend to pay more only to men and hire them more often as well, therefore, feminists focus their complaints on the wage rates, job places and the equal work conditions for both sexes.

No education only for one gender - feminists claim to have an equal treatment for both males and females at schools, higher institutions and jobs. And, of course, the pregnancy issue. Employers rarely hire women who are unmarried and with children as when they decide to give birth, their job position has to be saved for them and the employer must pay for their maternity leave. To have an equal right for breeding children both by father and by mother women stand for their opportunity to have a career and achieve success too.

Cultural Offshoot

This act aims for women to have more freedom in making their contributions in writing, art, music and other cultural areas. They characterize the "women" writing as powerful even more than one of men. Before, when a woman wanted to write, she had to use some male pseudonym of hide behind a back of a man-writer in order to expect her writing to be appreciated.

Liberal Movement

It is a "mild" and intelligent form of claiming for equality (in comparison to the ones stated below) and it tends to change the society's attitude towards women through a political and legal reform, using only rationalism and restraint activity. It is their possibility to show the woman's worth in those spheres where the country is being ruled mostly by men. They stand for rights for reproductivity and free choice of abortion, against sexual harassment of females, they fight for a chance to vote, be educated, take care of health of a female and childcare, preventing and protection of females in domestic and social cases of violence.

Liberal feminists stand for the equality to have the same number of job positions in institutions, where they were prohibited to work before: court of justice, police, political sphere, government. Therefore, this branch of feministic movement is considered to be the most classic and primarily.

Radical Offshoot

Those are the most famous activists and based on their claims people usually make stereotypical misconceptions about the whole movement of claims for equal rights of sexes. This branch of a campaign is considered to be very extreme as it accords with the concept of total gender elimination which means the innovations in science which allow people to be born and bred outside a woman's body in order to create more freedom for women to pursue their career dreams, develop themselves as personalities and be treated equally to men.

This practically means that they are to ruin the whole traditional family system and create a new era of manual birth giving without a parental role as it is. In defense to other feminists we must admit that such radical activity is not accepted by all women who fight for their rights.

"Feminazi" - another term which defines the extreme tendency of women's superiority and subjugating activity over men. Comes from both "femi" - woman and "nazi" - nationalism (google it), first said by Rush Limbaugh on a radio talk-show which was politically conservative in 1989. It is said to have nothing to do with a real feminism, however, comes from its root.

Third-Wave Feminism

Riot grrrl (or riot grrl) is a punk branch based on the conceptions of the campaign that started in the 90s of the previous century but had another point of view on this concept. It claims that the subjugation which is basically a dominance of women over men should exist in the world as a reply to women's abuse, rape, harassment of their sexual life. In frames of the movement they conduct political actions, protests, express it in music, art, hold meetings, build chapters and support each other in different demonstrations.

Their opinions were expressed at their most in zine publications and music lyrics, oriented on a female community free of men or controlling them. Many women encourage their activities, others find them too extreme and sometimes meaningless but the fact is that they made a large contribution into another (third) wave of feminism.

Antiporn Campaign

The offshoot that is based on the denial of women starring in porno films which is considered by them as disgusting and offending women as human beings. Known as being degrading to women, such feminists as Susan Brownmiller, Dorchen Leidholdt, Diana Russell, Catharine MacKinnon, Andrea Dworkin, Ariel Levy and Robin Morgan stood for its total erasing from all video recordings and any hints of the domination men over women, their coercion and any kind of abusive attitude in pornography.

Their active period was in the late 70s and they formed an organization Women Against Pornography that conducted various events to carry their idea to the masses about the danger of such sex-shows on the rights of a female.

Pro-Sex Actions

A totally opposite movement to the above-mentioned was a sex-positive branch of feminism that has emerged as a reply to anti-pornography movement. Women claimed for their rights to have freedom of pleasure and sexual expression in any way they want to.


The main discrepancy of this term from the whole feministic action is that womanism is focused on the rights of colored women (African and African-American, or just black if you prefer), arguing the "white" feminist that they do not pay attention to racial issues when it comes to oppressing women. Basically, it is a mainstream for all non-white women who claim to be treated equally by men and the law which is tantamount to a feministic movement and is a part of it.

Action Today

Future Society

There is also a misleading information about women and men equality demands as a radical influence on the oppressing of men's rights and contradicting to the opposite gender. However, let's think of it. If one supports the rights of a homosexual human it does not mean they are against the rights of a straight one, it is just that they also want equality between both sexual orientation groups as feminism wants it between both sexes.

Discrimination as a reveal of any kind of abuse towards human beings of other "type" should not take place on a basis of sexual orientation gender, beliefs, skin color, ethnicity, culture. It should not take place within the frames of feminism. Any sex should subjugate another one based on any peculiarities of them.

Now women have a right to keep their own wages, vote, keep their property, and be active citizens of their countries. But who knows if it would be like that if nobody stood up and fought for this right, if they did not sacrifice their calm lifestyle to long for more freedom under the risks of mortality, imprisonment and a lot more.

Women have got right to attend school, study at universities, get an equal job but still some inequality exists and they actively fight for its reduction. Nevertheless, there are always some radical cases of feminism which have a negative impact on the whole movement and create that stereotypical image of an independent woman oppressing men like a normal way of their thinking.

However, we are talking not only about women nowadays. The right of any sex should not be abridged by any cause. Any gender can decry human rights abuses, in the society that aims to be an ideal place for raising future generations we must create a good condition for equal growth of every human being.

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