Get Use of Friends or How Your Friend Can Help in Academic Writing

We all have friends and we do appreciate their support in different life situations. Friends are the people, who are always ready to help. Thus, you can benefit from this is you are having some academic writing issues.

Two Types of Friends and the Ways They Can Help Accordingly

If you are struggling with an academic paper on one of the subjects, you may ask your friend for a little assistance. However, in this situation two types of friends can be determined.

The 1st Type: Friends, Which Are Good at the Required Subject and Writing

If your friend understands the subject and the specific topic well, and is good at writing, he may be useful in the following ways:

A Friend, Who Helps Way 1: Explanation of the Unclear Points

Your friend is the best person to explain some difficult details in simple words. He knows you well and he is aware of your way of thinking to explain effectively. Moreover, he will be glad to answer all of your questions.

Way 2: Helping with Sources and Citation

Your friend can advise you the usage of some sources and tell how to cite them properly according to the paper format requirements. This is quite helpful, as the paper format guidelines are really confusing.

Way 3: Giving the Ideas

You may ask your friend about what information he thinks is better to be included to your paper. Some fresh ideas are always useful and you may take them into account while writing.

Generation of Ideas Way 4: Editing and Proofreading

After your paper is completed, you may ask your friend to read the text and tell his impressions. Your friend may notice some mistakes to be corrected.

The 2nd Type: Friends, Who Are Worse Students than You Are

Even if you friend is usually getting poor grades, he can still be helpful for your writing.

Way 1: Checking if Topic Is Interesting

You give your paper to such a friend and check if he is interested in reading the paper. If he throws the paper in you after a few seconds, you should redo at least your beginning. Your aim is to make the first lines interesting for the most of your possible readers.

Way 2: Checking of the Effect of Your Paper

There are different types of writing and different effects desired to be gained accordingly.

  • If you need to write a descriptive essay, read it aloud for your friend and then ask him to describe the subject in brief. If he can do this properly, you have managed to create a full picture verbally.
  • If you need an expository essay, ask your friend, whether the issue is clear for him.
  • If you have been assigned to write a narrative paper, monitor the friend`s reaction as he reads and ask him if he is interested. You can even try to take the list from him somewhere is the middle of writing and if he asks for it back - you did a great job.
  • In case you should write an argumentative essay, try to convince your friend in your point of view. If he accepts it and agrees with the arguments, the essay is okay.
An Effect on Your Reader

If your friend has helped you with your essay writing, remember that you owe him a favor ;)

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