Good biology topics.

All the researches carried out in biology are dealing with various living organisms, which is why this science is subdivided into numerous branches, such as zoology, botany, histology, cytology, physiology, anatomy, genetics, and many others. What is more, you can conduct a research on biology teaching, history and philosophy as well as discussing such issues as biological warfare, bioterrorism, genetic engineering and biotechnologies. Check the ideas for your research paper or essay topics on biology.

Topics about history and development of biological science.

  • How did biological thought grow?
  • The history of biological studies about evolution.
  • What is “new biology”? Describe the stages of its rise.
  • The greatest biological discoveries.
  • The biology history in 20th century.
  • The basic theories of biology. History of their development.
  • The evolution in biological theory.
  • The development of new practices in medicine.
  • What are the most essential research methods used in biology throughout its history?
  • How did molecular biology developed. The most important steps.
  • How does biology supply medical sciences?

Topics about biology teaching.

  • Are practical appliances essential in teaching of biology?
  • Most effective methods in researches dealing with biological education.
  • Methodology of biology teaching.
  • Usage of technologies in biology education.
  • Computer aid in biology learning.
  • The ways to improve student’s understanding of biological sciences.
  • Probabilistic modeling in biology.

Topics about biology philosophy.

  • The philosophic grounds of biology.
  • Which philosophy principles is biology based on?
  • The theory of evolution and philosophy.
  • The mechanistic life conception.
  • Are human fates and nature connected?
  • Was Aristotle a biologist?
  • The routes of biological science in Aristotle’s works.
  • Can logic be considered as a part of biology?
  • Biological thought: diversity and growth.
  • Inheritance of the biological thought.
  • How does philosophy explain life and the Universe?
  • Biological methods used in philosophy.
  • Which biology theories are known in philosophy?
  • Does biology use any philosophic methods for research?

Topics about bioterrorism.

  • Possible effects of bioterrorism.
  • What are the causes of bio-terroristic acts and how can they be avoided?
  • Bioterrorism agents.
  • The weaponisation of pathogens in bioterrorism.
  • Biological weapon: the dangers and possible outcomes of its appliances.
  • The importance of biosecurity nowadays.
  • Public health and biological weapons. 
  • The law regulations regarding biological terrorism.
  • The international law approaches to biological weapons.
  • The issues of public health and biological terrorism.
  • The ways to improve the system of human protection against the biological terroristic acts.
  • Can we be prepared to bioterrorism?
  • How to assess the biological terrorism preparedness?
  • Biological weapon as mass destruction weapon.
  • The effects of biological attacks on food industry.
  • Which impacts can biological weapon have on agriculture?
  • The most effective ways to prevent biological terrorism.
  • The importance of individual preparedness to the threat of biological attack.
  • Radiological attack threat.
  • Nuclear terrorist attacks: the dangers and ways to protect yourself.
  • Chemical attacks: how can we protect ourselves?
  • Perspectives of biological protection policies.

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