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Helpful Hints for Persuasive Speech on Racism.

Racism is an advantageous topic for a persuasive speech or article as it is quite disputable and has a number of aspects, so you can select the most interesting one for you to focus on and discuss. The important note about this particular task is that not only should you make a claim and explain the issue but also try to convince the reader that your points is correct and is worth being accepted. For this matter, you have to be acknowledge of the basic persuasive tools and techniques and, certainly, to be able to present your stand in meaningfully. Here are some hints for your persuasive essay on racism.

Definition of racism.

  • Racism is typically defined as an idea that racial basis is determining human characteristics and abilities.
  • Racism has always been a dangerous weapon during wars and other conflicts as it serves for hostility ignition on the basis of ethnicity and race.
  • Racism is an issue, which is closely connected with the concept of free speech. There are two sides of subject: one states that jokes and talking on racism on public is not dangerous and should be allowed, as its prohibition restricts the human right of free speech. The counter side claims that racism should be controlled in even its smallest expressions as they may lead to serious results, such as Nazi policies in 20th century.
  • It should be mentioned that it is society that invented the notion of racism. It fosters intolerance, discrimination, bias and inequality, which makes the society lose balance.

Racism in Europe.

  • Europe is considered to be one of the parts of the world that is the most developed and guarantees the humans rights and its protection. However, neonazism is a quite popular movement despite the lessons of history and legal restrictions of racism and discriminations.
  • There are 3 main sources of discrimination on the basis of race in Europe. The first one is historically based, mainly. The wars between catholic Austro-Hungarians and Muslim Turks caused mutual misunderstanding and lack of tolerance.
  • The second factor which might have triggered discrimination is the exploration of the world by Europeans. Discovering new continents and placed, European people used to treat aborigines as the ones having less valuable culture or not developed enough. Having disrespecting the differences, Europeans prepared the grounds for future racism.
  • The third cause of racism in Europe is misinterpretation of the evolution theories by Charles Darwin.

Tips on persuasive writing.

  • Select your stand within the aspect, which you feel passionate about. Your personal interest will help you to attract the attention of the reader as this is how you will be able to find reasonable arguments.
  • You should understand your purpose of writing. Except for discussing the topic, you have to prove the correctness of your claims and make the audience catch your passion about it.
  • Make sure that your argumentation is clear. Use the theory of “ethos, logos, and pathos” for persuading: let your syntax be plain, arguments logical and manner of writing impassioned.
  • In order to train your skills, read and analyze the persuasive speeches of famous people. There you will be able to find words and tools, which work well for convincing the audience.

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