History research paper: topics and writing tips.

Historiography exists for ages as people have always had the necessity to record their life experience and events. Therefore, the historical scope is really huge and can be described in numerous volumes. Although the historians have been doing their best for long time there are still a range of questions that are waiting for being researched. Here you can find some good topics for your research paper and writing guidelines for history writing.

Writing tips on history research 

  • Remember that your main task is to answer the question and complete the assignment given. Thus, you are to make sure that you understand it and are aware of what you are expected to write about.
  • Look for the key words in your question. They will help you for conducting the research and finding the central concepts.
  • Subdivide your research question into smaller pieces, the ones, which you, for sure, will be able to manage successfully, and analyze them.
  • Make sure that you provide evidence and real facts, the opinions of historians are not enough to prove your position.
  • It is a good idea to quote the historical documents – they are a proper support for your point.
  • Make sure that your paper is balanced: the most significant events and issues require more attention, do not stick to unimportant details.
  • Do not forget to reference your paper properly: check all the details of the source and remember about the page number.

Topics for history research paper.

  • The philosophy of history.
  • The main principles of historiography.
  • Mapping in history.
  • Heritage and its role for history.
  • Comparative method used in history.
  • The history of war.
  • The basic methods of historiography.
  • Opinions and history: is it possible to make a historical thought unbiased?

Topics about art history.

  • The critical introduction of art history.
  • The art history institutions.
  • Western art perspectives.
  • Classic painting and its development.
  • Postmodern era and its art.
  • Pop art and postmodernism development.
  • The causal connection in art history: what are the main principles of art development?
  • The key works of art history in 20th century.
  • The interdependence between social history and history of art.
  • How does art reflect the history of humanity?
  • Historical thought in art.
  • Historical genres in pictorial art.
  • Historical genres in literature.

Topics about British history.

  • Society of British Empire: historical view.
  • British Empire ideology.
  • The factors which united the United Kingdom.
  • The history of Early England.
  •  The first English kings.
  • Modern Britain: economic and social issues.

Topics about American history.

  • The causes and effects of American Revolution.
  • Is American civilization colonial?
  • Federalism Age in the United States of America.
  • The era of the Civil War.
  • The impact of World War I on American society.
  • How did Cold War influence American-Russian relationships?
  • American social reaction on World War II.
  • The main historical tendencies of American history in the 20th century.
  • The history of American immigration.
  • Main historical factors that influences current American political structure.

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